Please help identify PSA component


Maybe it was done on purpose to not take away attention from Arnie’s creation that obviously has a very special place in Paul’s heart. So it was there on static display should someone ask about it or explain to one of the PSA reps that they can’t afford the P20 eye candy they’re looking at and at that point they could be walked over and shown the little box out of the way. Just my thought of why it was done how it was done. PSA ain’t stupid when it comes to marketing!


You are quite right that PS audio is not normally bad for marketing. But it’s unprofessional and I’ve made Paul aware of that before completely private. As such, I can not care. So I am so. But I keep an eye on whether it happens again lol.

Here is an example of marketing from the Danish importer of PS audio.
HiFi & Surround fairs on 27/28 October
A Small Interview with High-Performance Audio about what he brings to this year’s Copenhagen High End Show … Happy to you?


So basically what you wanted is a video from Paul that walks everyone through his room. Got it. I’m sure there is a reason other than it was just forgotten about. I do think having Arnie’s final creation there was the most important part of the show. I mean, it’s the centerpiece of the future of PSA and what Paul has said his dream has been for many years. Just in case you don’t know, that has been able to supply a full system (one stop shop) to their customers. Add in the fact of his great friend Arnie was heavily involved in his personal and business life I think it’s obvious what the key of that show was. Also, we do not know the specifics of the those speakers. Having walked up to them closely and seeing their prototype shape and still dusty perhaps the family still owns them and they were on loan. It’s a fine edge for all involved I’m sure. I could be wrong on all fronts though and only @Paul can confirm.


Remember, I’m only writing this because I love you and my PS products. More love Denmark :heartbeat:


Such a mess - you do not forget about your other products, etc. - Stop rubbing. There are errors 40-human error :angry: and it’s stupid - and I love Arnie too


Some would argue that you NEVER even talk about unreleased products until their actual release. There are other ways to look at this.



then you should not show it on the show well :angry:


No idea why you seem so bent about it. Perhaps you should go to PS Audio headquarters like I did Thursday morning and get another perspective. I mean, I work in a massive building with some of the worlds most advanced technology, however, seeing a small audio business that’s real with engineering gives me great outlook of PSA.


Answering it all is past our noses. “Please help identify PSA component”
I had kept my mouth but this is photo / recording is from their showroom. It is directly embarrassing for the landscaping department and they should give beer to the employees.


I always think of Tycho Brahe when a Dane mentions a nose.


We wanted to simply honor Arnie’s creation first and our products second, as you guessed. We figured if people were interested they’d ask. And, guess what. They did!


When it was stated the item in question was a Stellar regenerator it knocked a few cobwebs loose and I realized I had a photo of the Stellar regenerator PS Audio displayed at AXPONA. Very similar but there are some small changes.


Bad excuses do you have, but that’s your business. So when is the website so done when you like Arnie?


Lol ELK You are the funny man from the world.


Honor you, Arnie

(You have become a marketing circus)


On 29 December 1566, Tycho lost the bridge of his nose in a sword duel against a fellow Danish nobleman. For the rest of his life he wore a prosthetic nose, said to be made of silver and gold. In November 2012, Danish and Czech researchers reported that the prosthetic was made out of brass chemically analyzing a small bone sample from the nose from the body exhumed in 2010.


Felt Paul - Nothing else to say about this. Embarrasing

More love from Denmark