Polarity on Stellar P3

what is the correct/optimal polarity (live/neutral wire) on the C14 receptables in Stellar P3 and other PSA equipment? Here in Denmark the Shuko plug is reversable and therefore one have to be careful to connect the power cords correct to get the polarity intended by the manufactures.
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Hopefully PSA follows the standard for C14 connector. Some other brands from US doesn’t do it.
Northern Europe has the same Schuko connector. You have different in Schuko in France and Belgium.
This says that Denmark have there own Schuko, is this wrong?:

That’s correct Mr. Jones, but in 2011 the German/Northern Europe (type F) Schuko connector became legal in Denmark. If PSA follows the standard for C14 connector I’ll go with that and measure live/neutral orientation before hooking up my gear.

IEC 15 is better as it is designed to endure heat. It comes with a slot. But C 14 works just fine.

You can try both ways and see which sounds better. One way it may sound thin and edgy, other, more smooth and spacious.

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Thank you very much. I am new to this forum and looking forward to sharing experiences and seeking advice from other forum members.


I have earlier on used the method of listening for best sound relative to plug orientation in the wall socket. But my goal with this question was to know what PSA recommends. And to use this as a baseline for changes.

I’d be interested to know as well. Wonder if regeneration circuit is only/most effective when sampling hot line or polarity does not matter for the regeneration. The output stage of the PP works on neutral line and the hot line depending on the mains polarity coming into the unit. I’d say if the fuse sees the hot wire, it is the correct (designed?) polarity. But does it matter I would love to know.