Starting with PS Audio Perfect Wave P3


Hello Mr. Mc Gowan and all forumers, I’m writing from Italy and my English is worse than my italian…:-O…forgive me…:slight_smile:

A few months ago a current spike has killed my beloved ARC Reference 3 L.E. so, to avoid other incidents, I’ve purchased a PS Audio Perfect Wave P3.

Please, I’d like to do some questions.

The IEC socket indicate with a “+” sign the pin which should be connected to the electrical phase.

The four shuko outlets also have a “+” sign where, presumably, I should find the phase (respecting the direction of the main power cable). Well, testing shuko sockets with a search phase device, the light bulb doesn’t light up in the pole marked with “+”, but it lights in the not marked pole. How so? Is there any problem?

It seems to me that my system sounds better with Multi Wave function on: can I leave this function always on? I’ve noticed that with MW turn on the absorption (value on the right of the display) is lower than that with the function turn off. Is it normal?

Thank you and best regards!



Polarity of the plugs is sometimes easiest handled by simply listening and I would suggest you choose which ever sounds the best to you.

I prefer to leave MultiWave on, myself, and there’s no problem doing that at all.

have fun! Let us know if we can help.


And welcome to the PS Audio family sandro. :slight_smile:



Yes, welcome, Sandro!

I am sorry to learn of the death of your wonderful ARC. :(


Thanks to all of you!


P3. Good choice. I’ve owned the full set (PPP, P5, P10) before settling on P3 which was the best fit for me.


Not that I necessarily disagree brod, but I’m keenly interested in why you think so …


@plcomp: Where I live we’re prone to intermittent very high voltages which evidently were killing the power plants. In my installation over the years three PPP’s, three P5’s, two P10’s, all dead (all repaired under warranty, PS Audio warranty support is outstanding). The P3 has proved to be bullet-proof, it has survived in the same environment where the others have not. P3 provides enough capacity for what I need and I’m very happy with it, which is why it’s the preferred piece of the whole set for me.


Tx Brod … however I was kind of hoping that what made the difference to you, is the passive pair of unregenerated outlets on the P3, allowing one to hook up power hungry (less critical) components to it.

For example, believe it or not: To some people TV is not important, yet it draws a lot of current. Voila, connect it to unregenerated.

To others, funds are limited: Voila, hook up difficult to drive power amps to unregenerated …

See, sneaky old me is still trying to brow-beat PSA to include one pair of unregenerated outlets on the P5 and P10 as well :)

Absolutely agree on the backup service btw.

I have a P10 in my own system, and it absolutely “idles” … I don’t think I go over 35% capacity, ever. Now if I were frequently getting to the 75% capacity (say) … then an unregenerated outlet would’ve been nice.

Ah but I suppose these are small quibbles when one is enjoying one’s music, which indeed I am.


Yes, of course. The un-regenerated outlets on P3 are the reason why it can power my whole system. P5 couldn’t do that, but I have a Power Director 4.7, a Duet, and a Dectet in my system as well. So the P5/P10 without un-regenerated outlets was never an issue for me because I have all that other PS Audio hardware to do the job.