Poll: Color Choice - Black, Silver, Both?

What color components do you prefer? Black, Silver, or Both?

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Both

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Good poll.

I can be all over the place with color. Some industrial design such as Esoteric seems too beautiful to have it in black but I’m partial to some of the variations of the two extremes such as Parasound’s HALO line.

This reminds me of a photo I saw a few months back of that company Adcom and how they made some white components. Just found this photo and it seems they change over time.

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Anyhow the entire system with ONE COLOR only, I dislike matching them.
Just like having the good choice for the right tie


On rack - black: DAC, pre

On floor - silver: amp


7 or 9 fold please.

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How about “other”:slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, was thinking the same thing.


As @luca.pelliccioli says, dCS components in silver.

In my opinion, it accentuates the design features.

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Black if I have a choice. It is a little less shouty by nature. Color is only skin deep though and performance is the primary goal. My Pass Labs gear would look better to me in black but no other choice is available from them.

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I’ve always preferred black. The silver knobs and buttons on the Schiit gear is fine as a single piece or stacked. But I demoed a Loki Max sitting atop the GCD and the silver knobs drove me completely bonkers. Fortunately I didn’t like it in the system so I was not conflicted in sending it back.

It’s funny - I prefer silver, and that’s how I voted, yet all of my PSA equipment is black. That’s because my first piece, the SGCD, was bought from a dealer who was selling off inventory right after the move to direct sales, and the only one he had left was black. Everything was purchased to match.


In general, black but I love my pass gear in silver.

60’s and 70’s brushed aluminum and now PS Audio silver all the way.

Oddly enough, there is something about the styling and finish of PSA “PerfectWave” gear to make my response to the poll, “it depends”, when it comes to PSA gear.

For example, I think the BHK Pre is fairly unattractive in black, but is particularly sharp in silver (“PSA Grey” to my eyes).

As an aside, I don’t think “silver” PSA kit looks particularly sharp near silver pieces of kit from other manufacturers.


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Thanks john2213 for bringing in this great illustration

Which actually is my preferred color tone on gear is the one on Accuphase gear…
sadly no one else employs a similar tone…

Since no one else carries this color tone …black is my 2nd color choice

Silver is just too metalic…

Best wishes

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I think I will close the poll and create a new one. I totally forgot about Accuphase, Conrad Johnson, darTZeel, etc…

Black, like in the movie Airplane,

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My BHK300’s are black since they sit in front of my projection wall, but my MKI and now MKII are silver, which sits in my rack. Though I have plenty of black gear in the rack, I have a beautiful strain gauge phono stage in wood, and a Niagara 7000 as reflective chrome.

I felt the silver had a little more life to it.

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A solid practical reason for black.

As with cars, silver/white reveals the shape and details of a unit more clearly than black,

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Regarding cars, my 911 in NYC is black. I bought it used, and as a rare roof type (targa) I didn’t have as much choice when buying a low milage model. I like that it doesn’t draw as much attention and doesn’t look flashy.

When I was looking for a C7 manual vette for Florida, white was my choice (with a beige leather interior).