Show your Silver and Black PS audio components in your system

I like both colors. None to see in person. The music Direct catalog, IMO, makes the silver look white. I’m leaning toward black. Please post your pics…not many audio rack pics with either color with image search on google, mostly the stock component photos


They are actually both grey. The “silver” ones look like a very pale grey/off white in real life and the “black” ones look dark grey. I have no idea why they are called silver or black. Personally I think the pale grey colour looks nicer.

ahh that explains why they look white in the catalog. I wonder which color would look “less dated” years down the road?

Probably the pale grey but to be honest neither of them look pretty compared to many other brands. I don’t think anyone buys PS Audio stuff for the looks.

This is as silver as you’ll get. The colours of the silver is different on some of the devices. The BHK Pre is a different hue.

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One place to see pictures is the current systems thread where lots of folks have posted pictures of their own set ups. System Photos

Hopefully that link works. My first attempt.

Black matches nice with my Sony STR-DN1080 AVR and UBP-X1000ES Uni-Disc player. Almost a month old into my setup.

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I don’t know. I wouldn’t consider this pale grey/off white. I consider it grey…


I’m actually liking the silver more as I see them actually on people’s audio shelves

I’ve actually always preferred light colored gear ever since I was a kid. I guess it’s due to the fact that when growing up, I was always around the sweet 70’s gear that my father and brothers had at the time, old massive Sansui receivers, hot running giant Technics integrated amps, super heavy Pioneer reel to reel decks, etc, etc.

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Grey walls, silver amps and black and silver everything else…

I just created a BHK300 “silver” amplifier BLACK cover (flat black, hand sewn) to assimilate the silver into the black component fold and my wife decided… silver & black is a nice contrast. Below is the cover. The Isoacoustic pucks are not added so the cover is a tad long.


My Black pieces are not grey at all they are black and my silver preamp is silver!


Good for you. Mine are grey as I stated so maybe they have changed the colours. I would prefer actual black, not so keen on actual silver though, it tends to attract fingerprints worse than black.

It is probably that the units in your room are picking up the color of something around them.

No. They are definitely grey to me.

You can’t pick grey up like other colours because it is monochrome - and that’s not how colours work.

They are also a matte finish so it would be very hard for them to pick up a strong actual colour (e.g. red, blue etc) too.

That said all black objects are actually a very dark grey anyway - the only true black object would be something like a black hole.

It’s just for me the grey is just not dark enough in the black finish for me to think of it as black - perhaps that threshold varies from person to person. They do look black in dim lighting but in bright daylight they actually look much lighter - almost mid grey! The difference is stark compared to equipment that I have which is the standard hifi black.

As for the extra DSDac I have in “silver” in no kind of light does it look silver for me. There doesn’t appear to be any metallic sheen to it either. So I"m not sure anyone could see the finish as silver unless they have changed the finish at some point.

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Vision is like hearing not exactly the same for everyone. Anytime perception is involved there will always be difference involved.


Of course and true black doesn’t really exist in the real world. I would just prefer a darker colour but it doesn’t really matter that much!

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Thanks for sharing; awesome-looking setup.

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@Matchbox - thanks… my wife’s dog likes that spot in the music room. She acts like a cat for sure… I thought the silver BHK300s would clash so I sewed a black cover; however, worried about the heat exchange (heat sinks) and the amps getting toasty with lack of air circulating around the heat sinks. Well, my wife loves the contrast; so, I don’t have to do temp measurements with and without the cover…