Silver vs. Black - WHY would anyone pick Black? ;)

I am curious as to WHY many pick Black over Silver, specially in North America, per Paul’s video, and specially with PS Audio which has an incredibly nicer Silver vs. Black finish? There used to be some really nice shiny black chassis made by Pioneer Elite, or brushed Aluminium gunmetal by some others that looked nice, but generally almost always Silver looks much much better… well, in my eyes!

So, black buyers, why did you pick yours Black vs. Silver? Was it to match other equipment? You wanna see LESS of your equipment? Stored in the back with no one seeing? Just general habit?


PS. Just a fun topic, nothing serious, so don’t flame me!


Preference. Do you remember when you were a little kid and someone asked what was your favorite color? Why did you pick what you picked…preference.

I have a mix because I can’t see any of the components and I bought whatever became available first. Color is completely irrelevant in the context of PS Audio gear for me.

Your subject is, how do you say, a bit pejorative. Someone who feels strongly in their choice may react and flame despite your well worded query.



I’d like ppl to justify their preference for the black, specially on PS Audio stuff… as to me it just doesn’t look as remotely as nice as Silver. For instance, Chord makes very nice black DACs that I could see someone prefer, but the powder coated PS Audio looks way nicer in Silver.

LOL… this post is tongue in cheek, so STILL don’t flame me!

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Yeah! I think people should be required to give a good reason before they’ll sell the black to them.

Not really


Stealth set up is my preference and why I go black. i prefer not to see the equipment and in my setting the gear disappears in the background. My audio rack is black and I even put tape over all the lights on the gear so nothing shines . I dim everything out. Stealth gear and rack also helps one imagine a blank soundstage.

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The better question is, why would you want that ugly shiny stuff?


This makes sense to me, in a setup that you wanna hide equipment. OK, good reason!

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Good question too!

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I think either it is all black or it is all silver.Whichever you pick is nice as long as it is all matching colors.
I use to be a black man and like everything black. Now I am a silver man and like everything silver. If I had a choice of everything gold, I would pick gold also.

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I have no specific preference for either color but all of my other components are black -Lamm LL2 premp, Plinius M14 phono, Plinius SA102 amp, Musicvault music server and of course the PS audio directstream.
I find that actually silver is the preferred color on the secondary market but black is just where I ended up.

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When I bought the SGCD and M700 stack my wife and I were debating what would look better. I was set on Black because for whatever reason I’ve always had black components and she liked Silver. So we settled on silver. Can’t see it as a hill to die on. Now that I have been with it for a couple weeks I have grown to like it. If one cost more than the other I would go with the cheaper.

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All of my components are black, including my speakers. A single silver component would stand out. Furthermore, when I am using my system, the lights in the room are dimmed to 10% of their luminosity.
Other than the display being visible for each unit, the rest of each of the black components are like a black hole making the displays of each of the units pop in a field of blackness.

Back in the late 70’s I had silver components and I was not a fan back then, but that was pretty much all you could get. I was very happy when the industry introduced black components and I never looked back.

This is how I typically use my system…


Back in Black,


Most of my PS Audio and other equipment is black but my preamp is Silver. I love both and really like the Silver preamp surrounded by the other Black equipment. It is stricly a personal thing!

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘murdered out’? It refers to when something, usually vehicles, is black on black on black - black paint, black interior and black wheels. It just looks cool imo…and that goes the same for sound systems.

Here is a murdered out 911:


mycrowave: I am the night

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I like both. I have a “murdered out” black suv and a silver sports car. My listening room is dark, black walls and generally dark decorations so I want black components when I can. They disappear into the shadows and I prefer that.

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