Poor design of remote controls

Poor design of remote controls.
It’s not gotten better after I’ve got a new remote for my PS audio equipment. Then the light turns off after a few seconds, and you can not read it as small as it is. A bad pursuit of Philips. Why can not I decide how long my remote control should light, etc., so badly. That is a redo.



I agree. Fortunately I rarely use the PSA remote except maybe to turn the Jr on/off or to choose a source which is 90% on “4” anyway. My Cary is similar but worse. 100 buttons, 5 of which I may need and all crowded at the bottom and small of course.

I find PS Audio remotes perfectly usable, but I engage in little fiddling while listening.

Personally I appreciate the fact that the buttons illumination goes away after a few seconds. If I could turn off all the blue leds on my various equipment I would. It’s always a matter of personal taste.

I also would like to be able to turn off all lights, as well as appreciate remotes which turn off quickly.

A wonderful product:


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Michael-Denmark, I deleted your last two (now three, update: four ) posts and pictures as they were inappropriate. You are free to criticize PS Audio products and suggest improvements or changes. However, you may not use profanity or attack others.

Edit: I am sorry everyone. I have closed this thread due to Michael’s repeated inappropriate posts.

The topics is completely legitimate however. If at some point PS Audio’s remotes are something you want to discuss please feel free to start another thread.