Remote control for older people

Is it really just me at the age of 57 who do not see the remote. I truly believe that it is poor compared to the quality that is at the PS. I need one with light. Are there others who hear music in the dark and although there is light so I can not read what it says on the remote control.embarassed

The new remotes that ship with the DS Memory Player and the BHK PreAmp are very attractive and well designed with larger buttons and a back light. Perhaps you can talk PS Audio into selling you one to go with your DS DAC.

I hadn’t really thought about it but I totally agree with Michael! Are you proud of the new remote design? It does have back light and works with all of your components, but is it well designed? It has lots and lots of button, all of which are pretty small. If you have only a DAC or preamp, or transport or phono preamp, it is sooo overkill. Dare I say, so 1990’s theater Processor/Amp.

I recognize the economy of this but PS Audio loves and appreciates functional design. I follow Paul’s post and know he especially is a sucker for things that work and fit well. Sorry to say, you guys can do better here.

I have a DS JR. I’d buy a remote that had a large vol control and the other features germane to the DS JR - and ONLY those features. What a relief that would be and I am not in the same decade of life as Michael.

Hans, I agree. I get the “One Remote to Rule them All” concept, but if you don’t have more than a couple of the devices it controls, it’s a lot of extra buttons. Mine also makes squeaky plastic noises when I grasp it and press a button, and the batteries rattle.

I would want one that runs the DMP and Jr. - and there’s the problem, I suppose - the next guy wants one for the DMP, Jr. AND another thing… I guess the nice thing (in the future) would be for them to be app-controlled, with a screen for whichever pieces you own.

This is why there are many universal remotes on the market. No single remote, or even a couple of options, will satisfy everyone.

Pick the universal you like and program it to taste.

@Elk - i have been thinking about your reply…

I see this quite differently. Sure there are production advantages to an universal PS remote. It also works great for those that go deep in the PS product line. And yes, there are universal remotes on the market.

My view is that most universals on the market are rather generic and plasticy (not quite a word but i hope it conveys my meaning). I am thinking that PS is missing a commercial opportunity. Make a simple high quality built remote that is clear PS Audio design (with one volume control!) and no more than a few key buttons that are directly applicable to the product. Perhaps this is not practical but i sincerely wonder if making it an option and the price reasonable, some may opt for this add-on …or the PS Universal could be an add on…or one could personalize their order…

I don’t have a comprehensive view of all the generic universal remotes out there, but i don’t really see them as a substitute for my suggestion.

@Badbeef - your second para raises the key issue. If you try to expand use beyond one remote -one device, where does it become too much or impractical? My view is to have the Universal for anything over two.

I guess at this point, this is all musing… right PS Audio team?

I am not sure what I can add to this discussion. Our remotes are designed to the best we can, to be one remote solutions. They’re not going to work for everyone exactly the way they would wish.

I generally use the slim black DSD remote–it really works well with the DSD, the DMP and the P10 for the functions I use day to day. There are a few things it can’t do on the DMP but I don’t use them daily and I’m not put out to do these on the screen manually or by using the silver “lighted” remote for those purposes. And I can stoop down and press the screen for P10 functions that I might want to play with that are not on the DSD remote, These can be purchased from PS Audio for 15 dollars, and I bought a few as backups!

Try the Logitec universal remotes. Fully programmable, and the high-end ones have a color display.

$15? That is quite a buy. :slight_smile:

If you look at my gear, there are no two pieces of gear that use remotes, that come from the same company, well other than my PWT and my P300.

With the HDTV and DVR, I have 8 remotes. My solution was to get a square box that is about 7 inches on all sides, with a handle cutout on two sides. I took some nice heavy cardboard and cut it to fit the length and width of the inside of the box, at the height of the handles, so about 5 inches tall. I cut four of those, in three I cut a slot in the middle, half way through. In the fourth one I cut three slots at the quarter points, that is the center piece. I then put these pieces together, slots up on the one with three cuts, and slots down on the three. I now had eight compartments. For the narrow remotes I cut extra pieces of cardboard, the width of a compartment, and the height of the cardboard. I used Scotch tape to hold the extra pieces in place.

I now have an eight compartment remote caddy. The box I got at Target for a couple of bucks, it has pattern design of dots, in a beige and light brown. I always know where my remotes are, and I can set it next to me on the couch. I know you can buy remote caddys, but the ones I saw online were either too expensive or I did not like the design. My little creation has been in use now for about a year, and it has held up nicely. I have had universal remotes in the past, but except for some very expensive ones I have never owned, the options are never any good for audio gear.

I have a friend with Audio Research gear, and they look identical. He always has six to eight remotes laying around. I have to look at the name on his remotes to find the right one. I built the caddy because I got tired of moving around eight remotes, I don’t mind having to pull out the different remotes as needed, it was keeping track of them.

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I'd love to see a picture posted here.

I’ve tried the Logitech remotes for all my video equipment. At first I was excited, Wow honey look just one remote. So then I bought one for the bedroom too. Slowly but surely each remote started to loose connectivity with one piece equipment after another. So I reset them and was smiling again. But then it happened again. So now the two logitech remotes sit in the drawer and instead of the the gazillion other remotes sitting on the coffee table again. :’(

Would love to see a photo of your home made remote box.

I’ve been using Logitech remotes for 15 years, and have never had a problem with them.

I also

That’s interesting - I have a box full of them I’m taking to recycling. Never could stand using them for more than a week or two.

Kept buying them for a while because I thought they sounded awesome on paper. Just never floated my boat in practice.

Ok, just for you guys, I figured out how to use a digital camera, my friend gave me, let’s see if I can post a couple of photos of the “Box”.


Have used a Logitech Harmony remote for years without issue. My wife and I both love it! They have 4 distinct advantages:

-They come in different sizes and configurations

-They are very easy to program via a computer download using an umbilical cord (in nearly all cases)

-They are able to exicute multiple functions from a single button including ‘listen to music’, ‘watch TV’, or ‘watch a movie’

-With these single buttons devices are switched on and/or off, the correct input is selected and the correct volume control device is chosen

nortonkp said

…They are able to exicute multiple functions from a single button including ‘listen to music’, ‘watch TV’, or ‘watch a movie’…

I've been using an old Harmony One (the original Harmony?) for years. Love it. But for my wife and sons... not so much.

I don’t know if it is the same with later Harmony models, but using my One has one big snag - for some people.

When you hit one of those wonderful single buttons to switch from - as you say - “listen to music” to “watch TV”, the remote knows to start turning some stuff off, turning other device on, and maybe change setting on some devices. That’s the beauty of the single button function.

The problem is that it cycles through those changes sequentially, and that can take several seconds. So for IR stuff, that means point remote at the gear. Press the button. And DONT MOVE the remote for several seconds. If you do, often chaos ensues, only to be corrected by manual turning on/off various components.

Again, this is not a problem for me. But for other family members, it trips them up on a regular basis.

Other than that, fabulous product.

I have to try to hear if Ps audio will sell me one of their new remote controls - 
Thank you to all for the cool answers
More love from denmark



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I am generally pretty happy with the PSA remotes. Of course, my speaker rig is just about all-PSA, so one remote can do about everything I want (except navigate Blu-ray audio, as the new Sgt. Pepper’s disc reminded me).

I feel as though I have tried just about every universal remote made, going way back to some early sophisticated units (Core comes to mind IIRC) and right up through being a long-time beta tester for Logitech. Am tired of being an overt, let alone a “drafted,” beta tester for stuff that does little but frustrate me (not PSA). But I am an enthusiastic early backer of Neeo. It has promise. Should have mine soon. Don’t really need it just for audio, but my big screen, and Emotiva/Sunfire (in wall) HT system is also in the listening room, so a single remote that could control both would be welcome.