DS DAC white screen after power blip

Power blip, thanks to power company. DS DAC plugged into P10, but when I looked at it I got white screen of coma. This is the third time. After the first I sent it to PS Audio and they could find nothing wrong. The second time I theorized that perhaps unplugging everything from it, power and connections, would simulate what I did when I shipped it away. Just tried again, all unplugged overnight, replugged and happily, it works again. Don’t know why p10 doesn’t save it. It was off when the power blip happened.

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I was also under the impression that a PowerPlant should have protected everything connected to it.

Maybe the protection is only active when the P10 is powered on?

Do you have a non-PS Audio I2S device plugged into the DS? Some provide 5V into the DS which isn’t good…

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A P10 should protect it from Voltage dips, Voltage rises, noise, and hopefully spikes as well (although definitely not including lightning). However it won’t help with power interuptions because it is not a UPS.

P10 was on. Nothing else was.

No other gear, but… I also had another cable to the BHK pre via another input. Coax. P10s were on. All gear was off.

I note that of the three units, DSDAC, BHK Pre and Dmp - when off and power failure ends, one box comes back ON while the others remain off. Can’t remember which one does that but IMHO it shouldn’t.

Two of the three are on P10. One is on an Audience filter (sounds best that way to me.). The DAC is on a P10.

The DS was almost certainly on standby. Unless you flip the switch on the back, the DS is never truly off.

This likely is true of the BHK pre and DMP well. Any component which can be powered-up with a remote control is not truly off, it is only in standby.

I should clarify - i mean front panel off. I do know about what the rear switch does.

Also, the pic tells the story… the dac comes back on (screen lit) after a power failure, while the other units do not.

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Do you have the P10 outlet to which the DAC is connected programmed as always on?

Perhaps the P10 might not be the ideal device to plug your DS into? I do not know how these units perform during brief power interruptions. But it is entirely possible that it might briefly exacerbate the fluctuation (by overshooting) before it returns to producing its perfect power again. And if it should be doing this, then I suspect that your DS may not appreciate it.

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Always on.

As the P10 outlet to which the DAC is connected is programmed as always on, it appears the P10 is behaving as it should.

When the power goes out, the P10 of course shuts down. The P10 will then turn itself back on when power is restored. Power is then restored to P10 outlets which are programmed as always on.

When the P10 is in standby mode (back power switch on), pushing the PS logo turns on the screen and those outlets you have programmed as switched.

For example, I have my Power Plant programmed to leave one outlet on all the time which powers my DirectStream DAC and and my PWT. All other outlets are programmed as switched.

When I push the button and bring the Power Plant out of standby, my preamp turns on immediately and my amp turns on 15 seconds later (programmed as switched on with a delay). When I push the button to turn the Power Plant off, the amp shuts off immediately and the preamp turns off 15 seconds later (programmed as switched off with a delay).

This does not explain why your DSD screen was white. It may be the quick power blip scrambled its computer brain.

I PM’d the OP with a suggestion of “re-applying” the OS/firmware via SD card/hard-reset in case the power glitch somehow corrupted the OS…with no response. So…Does this even SOUND like a plausible idea, or have I been drinking my own bath water again?

Just get a “white screen of coma” on my DSDAC that Woodburger has year ago.
Today, my DSDAC was on and doing ok. I was curious on the power consumption of DSDAC, so I main power off DSDAC via P12 zone switch control and power it back.
After power back, DSDAC stuck on “white screen of coma” Main power cycle from the back switch of DSDAC, still get the white screen. Main power off DSDAC, unplug the DSDAC power cord, wait for couple second, plug power cord, main power on. DSDAC now boot up normally. Later, I main power cycle DSDAC again, everything seems normal. (DSDAC has PS audio HDMI cable to PST.)
Should I worry about this? Thanks.

My DS DAC did the same thing once under the same conditions. I powered off the back switch pulled the plug and let it sit for a while. I later reconnected the power and turned it on and it started up normally.

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This has happened to folks before. Power on one morning and it’s white. Unplug for an hour and all is back to working order. No rhyme or reason. Not something to worry about.


Mine is to the point where to power it up from a rear switch off, I have to have the SD card inserted and the two i2S cables detached. It goes through a complete reinstallation of Sunlight every time.