Post Your Current Network Signal Path to Your DAC

Roon Nucleus server>

UpTone EtherREGEN ethernet switch>

PS Audio AirLens streamer>

RAL Prophecy CryoSilver i2S Digital Link cable>

PS Audio DirectStream DAC MK2

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Optium 1G fiber to modem —BJC CAT6a–>Unifi Rack-> fiber–>Sonlogy Self Hosted Server–>fiber–> LHY SW6-AQ Carbon->LHY SW8->AQ Carbon–>Pi DIY Streamer

Unmanaged non-unifi switches (i.e the LHYs) simply won’t show in the diagram unfort, the diy Pi streamer is connected to LHYS then the LHYs are connected to the Mikrotik SW via fiber.


Can you lighten up the image?

Hard to see…

My current network path from modem to DAC is as follows:

Netgear CM600 cable modem

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router
Network Acoustics Eno streaming system (ethernet filter and cable)
English Electric 8Switch
50 ft of BJC Cat 6A ethernet cable
Innuos PhoenixNet switch
Muon Pro streaming system (ethernet filter and cable)
Innuos Zen Mk3 server/streamer (controlled by Innuos Sense app)
Shunyata Alpha USB cable
Innuos PhoenixUSB
Network Acoustics USB III cable
DirectStream MK2 DAC


if you click on the image twice, it blows it up nicely I think, in windows 11.

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A highly subjective, but hopefully worthwhile question for the streamers among us…

If you had to pick two pieces of kit (not including your DAC or streamer/server) which two additions to your digital signal chain have resulted in the most discernible improvement in the performance of your system?

Thanks in advance.

The ethernet cable (SR Foundation) from the network switch to the AirLens, and the I2S cable (Tubulus Concentus) from the AirLens to the DAC.


Arris sb8200 modem
(keces p3)
Netgear nighthawk router rax78

Long ethernet cable

Amplifi hd router
Only for audio
Taiko switch
Both on an uptone js2
Puritan psm156
Grounded with granite audio 502

All cheap copper UTP cables
Taiko switch to server uses a copper sfp cable

Taiko switch was my last addition. Quite nice.

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So you moved downstream your Muon Pro, if I remember well you inspired me using it upstream - before the PNET (where I still like it) - am I wrong?


Luca, when I first got the PNET, I didn’t yet have the Muon Pro system and was using the Eno streaming filter and cable between the EE 8Switch and my Innuos Zen server/streamer. Initially, I replaced the 8Switch with the PNET, with the Eno between the PNET and the Zen. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out because I experienced serious dropouts with the Zen not consistently recognizing my ethernet network. Rich from Network Acoustics told me that this problem was most likely related to the slight loss in signal strength due to the way the Eno does its filtering. I tried moving the Eno filter to upstream of the PNET, but that didn’t eliminate the problem.

Because the Muon Pro system was being praised by so many users (including you, Al, and others), I decided to give the Muon Pro a try. Rich assured me that the MP didn’t produce the signal attenuation of the Eno, and he was right. I found out that the Muon worked great either before or after the PNET switch, but I liked the sound a little better between the PNET and Zen than before the PNET.

I subsequently decided to see if there would be any improvement in sound quality when using two switches instead of one, so I added the 8Switch back into the system before the signal made the long run between the router and the PNET. That sounded nice, as Al would say. On a whim, I then tried adding in the old Eno filter upstream of the 8Switch, and that sounded even nicer.

So that’s my long-winded explanation of the trial-and-error process that convinced me to use two ethernet switches along with two passive filters in my streaming system. The synergy between different types of noise reduction gear probably varies between systems, but I’ve become convinced that two switches often sounds better than one and that filters like the Muon Pro can provide improvements in sound quality beyond what is achievable using switches alone.


Works perfectly in Windows 7 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification. Maybe the long run from router to music room matters and you have successfully cleaned the path.
Scott Berry, CAD founder, told me that network is so noisy that you can’t do “too much” to try to keep it really clean.

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My question, who is, or who will be first two use two MUON Pro setups in one system? I am heading in that direction.


cheaper by the dozen?


The two Shunyata Omega cables seem to make the most impact on my digital chain, or it could be the two switches with fiber line and clock connections in between. But interestingly the streamer itself does not take the top spot. Hopefully my next streamer will change that order.:slightly_smiling_face:


Ah ah ah! I already asked a few months ago to Rob from NA about that possibility. You know me well!
I bet you would be able to try 3 or more in cascade in the same system though!

I’m afraid two filters in same path could cause more problems than benefits. I tried the EXT-1 with the MUON Pro and didn’t like it.

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Or two Gryphon Apex amplifiers in one system… :wink:

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Your inquiry as to what two components have been most effective in front of the streamer could be answered by a single one, the Muon Pro. That is all I have between the router and streamer. Not to say an additional switch (Tempus) could do even more good things. And, another cable, another switch, and why not an audiophile router? Never ends.


Al, if you decide to try two Muon Pro filters in your system, you might want to try one upstream of your switches and the other downstream of the switches. At this point, I probably won’t replace my upstream Eno filter with a Muon Pro simply because of the additional expense involved.

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Lots of enthusiasm for this kit…

I guess it’s time to put this on my wish list.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a used set. The next best thing should be along shortly and free up some used kit for a great price.

Care to share your aural impressions of the positive impacts on your signal chain…?