Post Your Current Network Signal Path to Your DAC

I have no frame of reference as to the improvement with the Muon Pro as it, along with the Grimm MU2,
was new to the system. Maybe @paul172 would chime in as he has borrowed it.

I’ll have to borrow it again so you can hear the difference. lol!

My experience with the Muon Pro with a modified Auralic Aries G2 with horwege power supply. The Muon Pro made the music presentation more life like compared to WiFi and a standard Ethernet connection.

It’s sounds crazy to me but with the Muon Pro system I could hear the finer details in the piano keys and guitar strings. The piano keys had a more wood texture sound to them and the guitars along with vocal textures were more life like. I’m not sure if that was $2500 better difference but I can see it becoming addicting. If one is already experiencing that with the other Muon filter I wouldn’t bother with the Pro system. I would love to see if the improvement gets better with the Tempus switch or a LHY SW switch? I would imagine it does. I need to stop writing before I talk myself into one. :man_facepalming:t2:


Me too

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Here is a more budget conscious option. I haven’t tried one it’s a deal of the month at the cable company. English Electric filter with free Ethernet cable. In stature it is not as impressive as the Muon Pro.

It is Galvanically Isolated! Lol

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Thank you for the details.


TP Link router powered by iFi LPS
Uptone EtherREGEN via JSSGEthernet cable powered by Sbooster LPS
Innuos PhoenixNET switch via WW Starlight 8 Twinax
Innuos Zenith Mk3 via WW Platinum Starlight 8
PS Audio Airlens via WW Platinum Starlight 8
DS DAC Mk2 I2S via WW Platinum Starlight 8

Second path:

Innuos Zenith Mk3
Uptone ISO Regen via Synergistic Atmosphere Reference USB powered by Sbooster LPS
DS DAC Mk2 via Curious Evolved USB Link

First path sonics edge-out the second path at a much greater expense.

Biggest impact comes from the PhoenixNET switch and Zenith Mk3, followed by the Airlens


I think it would be pure foolishness to hookup two MUON Pros in series. I am certain one of you will try that. I have zero interest in such activity.

I have an SW-6 Switch, a Muon Pro goes from it to the Grimm MU2.
A second Muon Pro would go from the SW-6 to the BACCH-SP adio.

Seems simple enough to me.

Upstream from the SW-6 I have zero concerns and less than zero interest in testing things.


Uh huh…

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Got it!

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My streaming setup -

Router >
Cat8 >
Ediscreation FiberBox >
Ediscreation Silent Switch (powered by Firebird LPS) >
Ansuz D2 ethernet cable >
MuonPro Filter >
Taiko Extreme music server >
Stealth Double USB cable >
EMM Labs DA/Preamp


Currently building a "“DDC” (I guest that’s what the kids call them nowadays). USB in/I2S out with channel corrected DSD via I2S interfaces.


Double Stealth USB cable?
Could you please elaborate what for?

Are you asking why I used the Stealth Audio Double-T USB cable?
Because it is the best sounding USB cable I have heard so far.


Ah, now I see: STEALTH USB T-Select Double Tune. I didn’t know they have USB cable with a double tunable ring.

I was confused by you mentioning double USB cable. Understanding it in the sense of applying two USB cables instead of one… :sweat_smile:

Thanks for pointing out your positive experience with that cable. Enjoy!


I have a Stealth USB T single tuner cable I bought last winter that I have never used. There currently is no place for a USB cable in my main system. This keeps me safe from trying the double tuner model. For now.


On my Upgrade path path is the Ethergen - and with all the positive on the Muon Pro will have to have a look at some point - but speakers are next for me


Sorry. I could not resist…

“Cable” is shielded.