I spent time placing post only to be told i could not post. I am signed in and have been member sine the beginning. do I not know how to post?

Please tell us more. What problem are you having? You made the post above so you must be able to post.

Elk, I had tried to post in “articles for sale” area and that is where I received the “ineligible to post” message…kinda gave up after a couple tries.

Have you tried again?

Occasionally the forum fusses and wants proof you are not a bot. I do not know what triggers this. Anyway, your post will typically be excepted if you go to the bottom and solve the simple math problem, ignoring the request for credentials.

I just tried to post a new topic in the DMP section. A window like the one describe, Elk, came up wanting proof that I am not a bot, and I obliged filling out the requested info then submitting it. But my new-topic post has yet to appear.

That bot-checking window subsequently appeared even with a reply I tried to make here this morning in another discussion. So I figured something flakey is going-on with the forum service and tried again later. Was finally able to re-submit both the new topic and the reply.

We just rebooted the web server. Let’s see if that fixes it.

Nope :frowning:

In the last 2-3 days the server seems to be having issues. I have gotten error messages like “Bad Page Request: Your browser submitted a request that this server does not understand” (something like that, don’t remember exact wording) that I have not seen before. It’s also pretty slow in general.

The problem continues. I just tried posting another reply in one of the other discussions, and the bot-check window reappeared. Then I clicked to submit the requested info, and a window called “WordPress Failure notice” appears with the following address:

In the window is the following question and reply:

"Are you sure you want to do this?

"Please try again."

Clicking on "please try again" just returns me to the bot-check window.

And meanwhile I am unable to submit my intended reply in the intended discussion.