Unable to thank posters

Elk not sure why, but for some reason if I try to thank someone for their post by clicking the thank button nothing happens. In the past if i clicked it I could tell I had thanked them at the bottom of the post. Any ideas? I hope to thank you properly once this is sorted out :slight_smile:

Sounds like another example of how showing appreciation on the Internet is a thankless endeavor.

I have the same problem with my work PC. Not sure about my Mac at home.

This issue comes and goes (as well as inability to click thumbs up/down). I do not know why.

Sure seems to work for me. I wonder if it’s browser related?

I wouldn’t think so Paul. I’ve been using chrome for years and this only recently started happening. Thanks anyway Elk.

edit Just worked fine with edge hmm.

I’m using Firefox. Usually it works fine, but occasionally the forum refuses to accept thanks.

I have not tried clearing the cache or making any other changes in an attempt to fix it. It seems to self-remedy after a day or two.

It just worked on my home MacBook Pro running Safari. Didn’t work earlier with my work PC running Windows 7 and Explorer.