Power base under P5 or under Devialet D400?

Hello. I have a Powerbase and a P5. Until recently the Powerbase was under the P5 as mentioned in the manual. I am now rearranging my AV closet and can move some things around. In general, is the best advice/performance to keep the Powerbase under the P5 or should I use it under the D400? Thanks.

My thought would be to place the PowerBase under the D400. I would think that cleaning up the active audio component would be more significant than improving the already excellent power coming from the P5.

Then again, if the P5 is feeding multiple components then just maybe the cumulative effect of better power to the whole audio chain will match or exceed the effect of cleaning up one primary audio component. As always in the audio world, there is only one way to truly know how your system will respond - try as many available options as you have the patience and/or time to do so.


The P5 is feeding multiple components. . .D400, Auralic Aries, Oppo BDP-105 and Sony Projector.

I would tend to agree, the Devialet would likely benefit most.