Power cable for sprout100

Will only AudioQuest NRG-Y3 fit sprout100, can I use other higher AudioQuest higher models power cables?

Hi @evebill8
Of course you can as long as the ratio of cable $ / amp $ is acceptable to you. Cable / component match is real. Better cables do not necessarily match all gear. So, a trial is needed. Power cable burn-in takes a long time. So, take your time before giving a verdict.

Thanks @Serhan! My budget is about US$500. Any recommendations on the power cables that will fit sprout100? Thanks in advance!

Hi @evebill8

If you already have the NRG-Y3, it would do well. AQ Monsoon is a very good cable that I have been using with high end gear with great results. PS Audio used to make great power cables, but when buying them used there is always a risk of buying counterfeits. AC-05 was an excellent cable.

Edit: Iā€™d like to add that members have given good feedback re: BAV and Pangea power cables. I suggest you check them too.

Thanks, I will get my NRG-Y3 this Wednesday. I have 0 knowledge about the burn-in. What should I do? Just play songs continually for 100 hours?

NRG-Y3 is a very good cable.

I would use the system as I would normally do and enjoy the incremental improvements. All cables need time to sound their best, and power cables are no exception. Patience pays good dividends within a fortnight or so.

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