Regenerator - switch zone off via touch screen before removing plugs from sockets?

Quick question, I’m trying to debug a ground loop issue and up until now I’ve always switched a zone off via the touch screen before removing any plugs from the socket for that zone.
This is slowing my debugging process so I’m wondering whether it’s ok to just leave the zone live and just remove the plug from the socket … and conversely re-plug the mains plug back in again later?

Anyone from PS Audio confirm?

Our best friend @jamesh may help here. However, I turn off the component being unplugged or plugged using the rocker switch of that component, and this serves the purpose.

I understand, I would just like PS Audio to confirm it’s ok to remove plugs from a socket while the zone is on … and then before re-inserting the plug again, while the zone socket is live, ensure the component itself is switched OFF.

Yes, this is completely fine. Serhan is exactly right. This won’t cause any damage to the PowerPlant nor the gear you’re plugging in. Like you said though, I’d have the component you’re plugging in off before plugging in. Best of luck with the ground loop hunt.

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Thanks Jamesh, great to hear confirmation ‘from the horse’s mouth’.

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Sure. I do it all the time. Treat it like a live wall AC socket.

One further query on this.
Some of my power amps have a led standby light that is on even though the amp is switched off.
When the power button is engaged the led light turns from red to green.
Is it all right to insert this power amp mains plug in without switching the zone off first?
The red led light will come on obviously.
Any damage to the regenerator?

No possible damage at all. The PowerPlants are designed to be able to handle plugging in and out like this without problem.