Power Cord for Directstream MK2

Should be getting my new MK2 soon. Just curious-What after market power cords would you recommend from personal experience. I’m not looking to start a debate on the stock cord vs after market.

Just looking for some opinions on after market cords you’ve had success with.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions. Happy New Year

Like everything in this hobby, you have to start with a budget.

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This is what I’ve used on my Mk I, the Aqua La Voce S3 and the Holo May KTE and found it to be an excellent performer on all three.

But if you give it a few minutes somebody will be by to tell you that you can’t live without a $4500 AQ Dragon Source.


I use the same on my MK1 and PST…. :+1:

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Budget- 500 used….maybe a little more.

I’m a big Audience fan….but the above suggestion/with link looks interesting. Thank You

The Triode is $499 new for five feet. If you do a saved search on HiFi Shark you might find a used one for less. I bought all four of mine used but it’s been a while. You can also look for a used Shunyata Venon V10 NR they retail new for $600 and there’s one on US Audiomart for $364.

VooDoo “Air Phoenix” power cord.
Recommended HIGHLY by Jason of The Cable Co. and I use it on my Holo May KTE Dac.

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Excellent by any standard. 6 Moons did a nice review.

I use Kimber pk10 Accent on everything with great results

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Belden BAV 10 gage from Blue Jeans.

I compared the Audioquest Hurricane HC against the Crystal Cable Future Dream 22 on an ASR amplifier. The Future Dream reduced the noise by 90% and tonal colors were introduced again…

It is around EUR 3000…