Power cords for BHK 300's? Suggestions please

Has anyone tried these? Anti-Cables Reference 3.

They look similar to the AQ dragon/storm series cables:

…how do they sound?

Yes but these were out way before the AQ. Less Loss maybe was the first?

I was looking for suggestions on power cables for my BHK 300’s. Also maybe the front end gear. DAC, preamp, and transport are using Wireworld Electra 7 now.

The 3 power cables I am considering are:

Cardas Clear Beyond
AudioQuest NRG Tornado
Less Loss C-MARC

No one has any thoughts?

Based on the level of improvement the Synergistic Research Blue power cord brought to my system when connected to the DMP, I plan on eventually using their power cords on every component, including the BHK 250. They also offer a nice trade up program.

I may grab a pair of the Blue HC. Price is within budget

Shunyata NR if you can swing it.

I would agree on making these part of you listening stable.
Be warned that each model upgrade is better than the last.
My cord on the P20 costs more than my speakers. Silly me.

I am selling my VooDoo power cables if someone is interested. I have 4

What P/C were you endorsing?

Like Baldy, I was suggesting Shunyata NR. I have Alpha on a full BHK
rig, and Sigma on the P20. Several others on the forum have gone this
route but YMMV. Borrow some, maybe thru Cable Co., and seek confidence
thru your own results.

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Too far past budget. Was looking to be under a grand per cable

Shunyata Delta NR are well under $1K and they are excellent cables. The “NR” noise reduction really does function well into anything. “Borrow” one or two from the Cable CO.

Have seen Shunyata’s now consistent at 20 % off, and if you are looking
for multiples, maybe you could cut a deal. I was not initially in that stratosphere
but my ears and brain got the best of my wallet.

If you can afford them or find them used, Kimber Palladian.

Kimber is not often mentioned. I use Kimber BiFocal ( non Bi-Wired ) and they are great speaker cables. Only cables I liked better were the MG Audio Planus P4