Power cord for DS mk 1 recommendations

I moved some things around to free up another Cardas Clear Beyond for my amps, but now I’m short a power cord for the DSS Mk1 (with the JKRichard external power board, if that makes a difference).

What would you recommend? I only need about 1m (3ft) and I’d like to keep it under $1k used.

Pangea AC14SE MkII…has Cardas Grade One copper plus silver plated
copper foil shield…detailed dynamic transparent…

It does well with my DS dac Mk1

I have tried the AC14 XL which is more expensive, yet lacks the silver plated copper
foil…rich sound but nowhere near the dynamic details of the AC14SE MkII

Best wishes

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Thanks. I’ve tried the Pangea power cords in the past, and they ok, but just not much more than ok…

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Zu Audio Event power cables are excellent.
Puritan Ultimate are also excellent but a bit more expensive.

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Knowing your budget, types of music you listen to, sonic priorities, and in what ways you would like a PC upgrade to improve your system would be most helpful for those making suggestions.

That said I’d suggest exploring the Shunyata PC line and select one for trial at a price you are comfortable with.

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Zavfino Silver Dart Graphene power cord is right around $1k (Thanks to the lower Canadian dollar, it is selling lower than two years ago), and it is a staller performer. I have compared it to the AQ Dragon HC, and the SQ is remarkably similar, but at one-fifth of the cost. I am using two to power M1200. The AQ Dragon HC is serving the P15. This combo is a killer!


That’s interesting! Definitely a contender

I should have read your title. The cords I mentioned work great with amps and generators.

For digital gears, I like Stealth Dream V10 (need to find one from used market for sure!), Shunyata (I like their USB cable a lot, and I believe their cords will work great with digitals), and Crstal Clear line of silver power cords (vivid yet smooth).

I was very happy using the Shunyata Delta V2 power cable with my DS Mk1, and I am now using the same cable with my new Mk2 DAC. (There are several glowing reviews online of the Delta V2 cable, by the way.) I use a Shunyata USB cable feeding the DAC, but my XLR interconnects and speaker cables are Cardas Clear Reflection.

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What about Dave Zenwave cables ?

For example the Zenwave PCR 14 for your device.

Greetings Andrew

After lots of discussions with friends and local audio stores, I’ve decided to stick with Cardas. I’ve always loved the Beyond Clear power cords and the Clear is not far behind and quite reasonably priced in the used market.