Power Cord for my new P-10

It is true that he did. He also designed for Monster.

Isotek Syncro which has a DC blocker.

The Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 3 power cable really sang well on my P10, especially coupled with their Quantum Blue fuse (5A Slow Blow). Very musical, open, airy, and quiet on the noise floor.

I previously had the older version of the AC12 and then the Shunyata Alpha HC cables.

VooDoo cables :+1:

Thanks @Paul So does that mean that the Pangea and PSA power cords are likely to be the same?

Just looking at the Pangaea literature they don’t seem the same by any means. Some similarities but. . . .

Your thumps up helps to relieve a bit of anxiety regarding my purchase, my ETA is mid next week.
I am debating whether to condition them on a Audiodharma cooker, or just let them settle in place.

I really like the VooDoo cables. I picked up the end of the run FIRE cable direct from VooDoo. Great price!

Shunyata Anacoda Typhon