Power Cord for the Directstream DAC

Just curious as to what upgraded power cord your using with your Directstream DAC ?

Thanks in advance.

Pangea AC14SE MkII for DS Dac and all sources
Great value/performance

Here you go:

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I have changed many, many, power cords on my DS over the years. The most memorable are the Pangea AC9 SE at the beginning. It is a nice full body and very clear sounding cord, much better than the stock. Then I got the PS Audio AC12 which was more detailed, but lost some of the warmth. Then the Acoustic Zen Gargantua II which took the Pangea to another level. It opened the soundstage and much higher in resolution than the previous cords. Then the Cardas Clear Beyond XL. This cord is not like previous Cardas cords that was full and warm, but a little murky, it had the full and warmth, but also even higher in resolution than even the Gargantua II. Now the present cord I find is pretty incredible as it takes the Cardas to another level in openness, high extension, and density of sound which is the WyWire Diamond Digital power cord. There were many more cords I tried but not worth mentioning. The DS is very sensitive to cords as it is a very high resolution DAC and hadn’t stop improving from each upgrade in cords.

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Great replies…thank you

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X2 on the BAV power cable