P20 - Audioquest Hurricane users?

I saw a C19 version of the Hurricane available at a good price, so I thought I’d give it a try with my P20. I did read the Audio Bacon review of the various power cords he’d tried, to see he described the Hurricane as not very neutral or articulate. OTOH @Paul has told us he feels the Hurricane to be a great match for the P20.

I’m hoping if there are other Hurricane users here, to get a sense of how it sounds with the P20 (or P15), and if there are thoughts in how it sounds compared to the big hitters like the Shunyata Sigma NR v2 or the Audience SX HC. I negotiated a good price for the Hurricane, but even so it was still a good chunk of change. These other two cables are just outside of my reach at the moment, but I wanted to feed the P20 something better than with the stock cord.

Recommendations are quite contextual. I saw that review, and I kept asking myself, what system were those cables used with?


The Hurricane is the sweet spot in the AQ power cables. Im planning on a upgrading to Hurricane for my P10 for my next big cable purchase. I believe it’s the top power cable in the AQ line up before you make the jump to silver wire in the Firebird and Dragon. There have been many happy Hurricane/P20 owners who have posted on other topic threads that rave about the Hurricane/P20 combo! Just search Audioquest Hurricane/P20 power plant.

Yeah, I kind of wondered the same thing. :thinking:

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