Power plant 10

In my office I have two P10, s one for the front end the other for the amps . I just noticed the one for the amps is at. 8.9 percent and the output is .8. Is this normal it seems high .


Maybe swop the two P10’s?

THEY both display the high input distortion. they are seperate circuits from same phase in panel . but the feederfor the panel also feeds my office with a few cpu,s .


I’ve checked mine now. 2.8 / 0.1%

If both of yours display the same readings then it must be correct, and you must have a really dirty feed.

And what is the approx % cut/boost voltage correction?

I keep them on regulation what ever is preset. Maybe I should try something. Info use multi phase

it really does help. My output is about .8 no where neer yours.

Niw in my home in NYC I have Dc offset a little but not at my office. I do need tom look into this though. You should see the with or without on my plasma and direct TV s in my office. It’s amazing. My area is almost all residential