Power Plant 12 Female plug does not fit

With standard audio grade male plugs plugged into the Power Plant 12 there is not enough space to plug a female power in plug. The engineers could have given a little more room and a audio grade plug would work fine. Anyone have a solution or replacement audio grade female plug that can be used?

It’s extremely tight, but I managed to squeeze in the WW Platinum Electra 7 female plug into next to the Pangea and NBS Omega Extreme Zero.

Seems like it should have been thought about and an easy fix to move it over a 1/4". I don’t like the pressure on the plug. I wonder if PS Audio female plugs are smaller than a audio grade plug. Maybe Paul could chime in.

I had to use one of these next to the input connection when i had a bigger plug I use before to extend the plug. I don’t know if it affects the sound though. I think PS Audio made a mistake on the design not knowing what kinds of plugs audiophiles use.

PS Audio plugs are thinner, but they can’t expect everyone to be using all PS Audio plugs.

What is the diameter of the PS Audio female plug?

It is more like a oval shape, 1 1/4" X 1 1/2". That is why it fits a little better because the side to side fits in vertically is 1 1/4"
The Pangea is also 1 1/4" up, down, side to side. That’s why when you put it in-between, you can squeeze the other larger plugs in next to it.



I have used both of these. They are good quality connectors. You could also use a narrower Male plug next to the Main inlet female.

That would work but my cables are 15mm and it is very hard to find a narrow female plug that can accommodate a 15mm cable.

I would suggest adjusting the adjacent male AC plug to a narrower variant. That’s the option I selected. Should be able to find an acceptable AC male plug, even for the larger cable opening.


These are some very nice connectors that might work for you. Give Cardas a call for the specs. Not sure about the max cord dimension spec. I have a Quadlink PC in the spot next to the Power Plant power inlet, and there’s plenty of room.

Seems that we who have the EU-model (Sweden here) has more space between the connectors on the P12 but then we have only 4 power outlets on it also instead of 8 as you in the US have.
The same on the P15, more room for contacts but only 9 instead of 10 outlets. Not to talk about the P20, 13 instead of 16 outlets.

Nice that it’s not only negative things with having the “Fewer Outlets-model”. (Thumbs Up)

Audioquest sells right angle connectorsS_AQ_IEC901__27807__01152009114133-2808

maybe consider these…they are worth the price, especially considering the price of the connected equipment.


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