Power Plant 12; trouble with the display and remote control locking-up

I’ve been having issues with my display touchscreen and the remote control locking-up, after the unit is turned on.
The only way to unlock it, is to cycle the main power switch on the rear of the unit.
The issue then repeats itself.
Despite the lock-up issue; the unit still regenerates power without any issues.

Has anyone had similar issues?

Not sure on your problem, but my problem with frozen P12 is always linked to the lost network connectivity. I have connected P12 to my network, so that I can power on/off P12 (hence my system) via ipad. From time to time P12 will lost the network connectivity. Once this happen, remote etc will no longer functional. Usually, I don’t need to power cycle the main power on the back, but just need to unplug the network and plug it back to reset P12 network connectivity. Once network is restored, P12 control become functional.

Hi Terrence,

Does the P12 allow you to allocate an IP address? Using DHCP casually causes change or loss of IP address.

Hi Serhan,

Luckily the frozen due to lost network connection only happens once awhile.
Yes. Set IP is allowed. Never occur to me to set IP on the P12 side. I only assign fixed IP from the switch side to avoid the different IP to P12. I will try to turn off the DHCP to see if improve. Thank for the suggestion.

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Good Morning,

My P12 isn’t using the LAN connection.
I’ve noticed sometimes while the unit is locked-up; viewing the power meter display, the needle indicator disappears.
This morning; the unit hasn’t locked-up so far.

So sorry to hear that. I hope this is not frequent. If your warranty is still good, I recommend contacting PS Audio via email or phone. They can help.

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Double check you have the latest FW on the P12. If I remember right, a similar issue would sometimes happen in the older version of FW.


I just finished the firmware update procedure; it went well, without a “hitch”.
Hopefully, that’ll take care of the glitch.
I’ll give it a few days.


My P15 has been running like a Swiss clock. However, today, display went black and won’t come back. I had to hard reboot the P15. Also, it happened as powerPlay PowerPlay went blank as of this morning.

Just curious, after main power back, does your unit run normally and Powerplay website picks up ok?
BTW, thank for this advice. Power Plant 12; trouble with the display and remote control locking-up - #4 by Terrence. Since turn off DHCP, network to my P12 has been work normally and no longer suffer the frozen display/response.

PowerPlay is fine for me.

Is your P15 now acting normally?

After reboot, all is good. PowerPlay graph isn’t back yet. Assuming it was a network failure, it would need a bit to show.

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FYI. Powerplay is also good for me (in Houston)

Good news.

It is showing now with a blank for the period the display was stuck. I would not worry as long as display is back, and these interruptions are spaced out :smile: