Power Plant Premier 'bascom' mod

Hi there PS Audio fans,

I just bought a used PPP and the seller told me it has the ‘bascom mod’.

Does anyone know what that is?



Why not just ask him? You deal in audio gear and the seller is just a couple of hours away from you.


What do you think I did first?

Yes, seriously. We have no idea what investigative efforts you have undertaken, if any.

So, tell us what you learned when you spoke with him. What other information do you have?

If you share what you know, including the history of the unit of which you are aware, someone may be able to assist you. You will then have something to tell prospective buyers when you place the unit up for resale.

I don’t recall ever hearing of a “Bascom” mod to any Power Plant products. There were, however, mods done by Rick Cullen to some PS Audio products. Rick’s company, Cullen Circuits, actually built some of the PS Audio products and Rick was quite knowledgeable on them. I know he worked on the P300/600 and Digital Link III vintage products, not sure if he did the PPP. I believe the mods had to do with capacitance increases and/or better capacitors and maybe better regulators and/or diodes. Bascom does occasionally read the forums, so maybe he will see this. Good luck!

Thanks PMOTZ.

I am familiar with the Cullen mods, but haven’t seen a Bascom one yet.

It was mentioned on an RMA return form that this PPP was replaced for one with a bascom mod.

Hence my question.

rmkarman said It was mentioned on an RMA return form that this PPP was replaced for one with a bascom mod.
This is precisely the type of information I previously asked you to share. This is a significant datum.

Do you know anything else which may help? Other documents? Stickers/markings on the unit? Told anything?

Given the RMA, have you called PS Audio?

It’s a mystery! Hopefully Paul or Bascom will chime in …

Bascom never officially did a mod to a Power Plant and I am pretty certain he didn’t do a mod unofficially either. If he did, it’s not something I am aware of and highly unlikely. I would say you got told something untrue.

this was the RMA invoice from 2007.invoice.jpg

Check and see if it has a vacuum tube inside it…LOL.