Power Plant Premier problem

Good night,

I need your help. I´ve just purchased a second hand Power Plant Premier for my DS Jr. in Audiogon.

The unit seems to be working (all lights in front panels works as well the remote), but in rear only works one isoZone (number 5).

In the switch zone if i change the position of the other 2 zones´ switch to “switched” or “delayed” nothing works, even the zone previosly worked.

Is that a normal behaviour in the Power Plant? I´ve read the manual many times and doesn’t seem to be so complicated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Jose Luis

It sounds like something’s wrong with the switching relays that control the output zones.

Thanks a lot, Paul.

I tried many times and finally worked as “always” mode, but not in “switched”.

Could be unsafe use the machine in this mode always on if it’s a problem with the relays? Is that a expensive reparation?

Thanks again,

Jose Luis

No, it won’t be unsafe. Are you sure you’ve got the setup right?

Thank you again. I think so, but not sure. I’ve connected the PPP with stock cable to the wall, and my DS Jr. and Jeff Rowland amp with Kimber PK-10 power cable. That’s all.

Input volt is 240v. and output 233v.

You should be ok.