PowerPlant 12 doesn’t output on Zone D

Hi, just received new PowerPlant P12. Set it up, plugged everything in. The M1200 amps don’t get any power plugged into zone D. Worked fine in the P5 that I just replaced. The amps work when plugged into a wall socket. Zones A, B, and C work fine.
Help. What did I do wrong? Thanks for any help before I call PS on Monday. Happy Easter.

My guess is that Zone D is not programmed for always on, or is programmed to another mode such as “switched” and the unit is not switched on using the front button.

It is possible something is wrong with just one zone, but this is unlikely.

Thanks, changing the mode doesn’t do anything. Cheers.


A mystery.

As I recall there is only one fuse and one circuit breaker so if either failed all zones would be down.

I had the same problem with a P5.
To eliminate the problem, I traded it in on a P20.

No problem with my P5. Traded it in on this P12.

I assume zone D is green just like the others?

Yes. I just unplugged it for a while to see if it ‘resets’. Thanks.

No joy. Nothing works plugged into Zone D. M1200 amp does’t work plugged into Zone C. Amp works when just plugged into wall socket.


It appears it needs to return to the mother ship. :frowning:

If I only I could beam it there.


I’m sure Paul and Co. can make one of these:

I’ve got an old one I can trade in.

Sorry about the hassle. Hopefully our team is able to get you going soon! Thanks for the patience!

Thanks. It’s going back today and a replacement’s being sent out. Excellent customer service BTW.


Great, thank you! Thanks for the patience, this is a frustrating one.