Power Port for Power Plant?

Is there any benefit to replacing my wall receptacle with a Power Port if I already have a Power Plant P3? I am guessing not but I would like your advice. Thank you!

There can be advantages to installing quality wall receptacles. Although I don’t use PS Audio gear for that application, I use Furutech GTX and NCF products. Along with RFI shielding for the face of the receptacle. These tweaks are not really expensive and are part of the “whole” approach so that there are no weak links. I’m rewarded with a totally silent system with a black background.

Good quality receptacles ensure a firm connection to the plug from your power plant. You don’t to neccessarily have to buy the audiophile ones. A Hubbell hospital grade receptacle is around $16 on amazon.

Before I had the Power Plant, in my old home, I had a Cryo’d Hubbel which did wonders. My wall receptacles in the new home are tight, so all I care about is sonic improvement. If the Power Plant already regenerates all of the power, I’m wondering if I would actually get any sonic benefit from upgrading my receptacle. It seems unlikely, but I could be convinced otherwise.

For $50, just do it. Tick it off the list when done. Nothing more to think about.

We are clearly biased about this subject but we always recommend the Power Port even for a Power Plant. Building a firm foundation starting at the wall socket is one of the keys to great sound.

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Thanks, everyone for weighing in with their opinions. And Paul, despite the bias, it was your opinion I was hoping to get, so thanks for chiming in!

I’ll choose an upgraded receptacle and see how it goes!