Powerplay ipc 8000 and 9000

Happy Holidays to you all!

Could anyone please tell anything about power conditioner Powerplay ipc 8000 or ipc 9000??

Is it a mystery? There’s a strange cilence on that topic :slight_smile:

First of all: do they make harm to a sound? In comparison to a passive Dectet? The retail of a Powerplay was as three times as bigger - it can’t be worse… or it can?

The second question: what’s the main difference between two? They have one manual for both. From the first sight I see that 8000 has less features, but not major features, like dimming the display, outlet labeling (maybe something minor else).

I see 9000 has Switch Mode for outlets is a difference.

The question is: is there a difference inside in the circuitry?

Happy holidays Anton,
I have no experience with IPC, but the Dectet is a fine product that I lived with for a number of years and was quite satisfactory sonically. I had to switch to a power plant because my voltage was fluctuating by 15V. The power plant came with welcomed sonic improvement(s) on top of much needed protection.

The 8000 and 9000 are both decent conditioners. I don’t think they were particularly popular back in the day which is probably why you don’t find much info about them. Just like any conditioner though (including the Dectet), you’re met with a few compromises. They do a good job of protecting downstream gear, can do a nice job of cleaning the power, but at the cost of killing a bit of the dynamics in the system. Regenerators are the way to go. They have great protection circuitry, the output power is very clean and regulated, and they don’t kill the dynamics.

With a 15v swing you might have moved to a different neighbourhood. My regenerator told me that my voltage did not change more than ±0.5v. For a while I had everything plugged into the wall but features that attracted me to the product I now use were low impedance, cross-component isolation and a rock solid physical connection.

I understand that. But I need to build a stereo set first. And my BUDGET FOR THE STEREO is [ok, not less, but] roughly the same as the cost of the smallest Regenerator (in terms of prices on new ones).
I’m considering to buy either Dectet or Powerplay for a start. I’m looking for a used unit. Despite the fact that Powerplay cost (back in a day) 3-4 times more than Dectet, they both cost around $300 used.

I’ve read opinions on Dectet, but couldn’t find many (sufficient enough) on Powerplay to class them for myself. I wonder if Dectet being minimalistic (in terms of inner structure) would be preferable? Or Powerplay performs alike?

I’d go with the Dectet. Our design team did a really good job minimizing the compromise to dynamics as much as possible. Also, the newer tech will perform better and out last the 8000 or 9000. One of the major benefits of the IPC units was their ability to communicate with PowerPlay. They are no longer supported on that platform, so there isn’t any added usability on that front.

Thanks James!
I’ll try to get a Dectet.
Hopefully somebody on here will sell :blush:

I suggest making a WTB (wanted to buy) post in the Marketplace section of this forum. Someone may have one to sell.

First, I hope your son is recovering well and that you and loved ones are safe and healthy.

I should move closer to where my children live, though it has nothing to do with voltage shifts from 239 to 223 and back :smile:

The P15 stabilizes voltage at 230v sharp & THD at 0.1% and makes my system sound better. Best of all, it costs less than moving :hugs:

My son went from reduced oxygen capacity, high temperature and generally feeling s**t to pretty much fully recovered and testing negative in 4 days! That was a result.

p.s. Anything costs less than moving. Even with stable voltage an older regenerator was beneficial for valve and high power Class A/B.

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