Is the Dectet out now?

Is the “Dectet” out now? I have seen in various places that power conditioners have fallen out of favor. Is that also true for the Dectet? I am new to this forum so my apologies if this has already been covered. I have had one for at least ten years now, so just wondering. Thanks.

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@Elk Thank you. Great to be here.

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Website does indicate, “Out of Stock”:

Perhaps @jamesh our @Paul can let us know if production has ceased.

@scotte1 No, I mean “out of favor”. I watched a video where Paul says we are better off plugging into the wall, rather than using a power conditioner. Since the company is out of stock, it may mean they no longer intend to carry them because they are out of favor. Thanks.

Hi @jamesp
I agree with Paul’s view that a power regenerator works better when directluy connected to the mains.

As for the unavailability of the Dectet, to me that does not necessarily mean obsolescence or that the product has fallen out of favour. It could be anything like stocks are moving faster than production, the manufacturer sees a better opportunity in regenrators, or the ongoing supply chain challenges.

I bought a Dectet in 2018 (headphones stack) and a P15 in 2020 (main system). Both continue to perform as expected, i.e. protection and SQ improvement.

I can’t speak for @Paul, but it is my understanding PS Audio generally stands behind the efficacy of the Dectet for its intended purpose.

Further, it has been my experience that the impact of all such, and similar, devices (including regenerators) is system and equipment dependent.

For example, some folks swear their amplifiers sound better plugged straight into the wall rather than into a power conditioner OR regenerator and others have noted the could not live without a regenerator powering their amplifiers.

If your Dectet makes your kit/system sound better, good on you.


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@scotte1 Thanks for responding. Yes, where to best plug your amps seems confusing. I recently went back to wall to try it out, but went back to the Dectet as I really heard no benefit at the wall. I am looking forward to getting a regenerator some day and sure I will like it as I have read so many positive reviews.

It seems that many people report diminished dynamic abilities from power amps when running out of conditioners, hence coming from the wall.
I agree 100% that your case is your case and you might love it or hate it or be filled with ambivalence.

Really depends on the conditioner. Night and day difference in my system using an Audience line conditioner compared to plugging into the wall.
That includes the BHK 250 as well, which sounds noticeably better plugged into the line conditioner.


Quality of power supplied, cords, conditioner / regenerator all come into play. Moreover, the quality of power supply within the amp has a role. e.g. Nagra HD would highly likely sound better with nothing other than a good power cord.

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Yes, it is out of stock and we may discontinue it officially. No solid word yet, but that’s my guess for where we’re going with it.

Well, I don’t recommend including the Dectet with a regen. Neither before or after the regen. Those should be kept separate. If you don’t have any treatment for the power, I do like the Dectet. But the regens are FAR superior in every way!

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Thanks James.


@jamesh Thank you for your reply. What you said is about what I figured. I look forward to buying a regenerator asap.

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