P12 firmware update will not load

Thanks for all of the patience. Our team hopped on it immediately and we should be good now. (Small typo in the zipped file) You should be download 2.10 now in the downloads section.

I uploaded 2.10 fine. No more problems.
Thank you James.


Yes, just to explain what James wrote. The issue was on our side with the code load on the website. The programmer put in a wrong character and the units didn’t like it and refused to load.

So, erase whatever you have, reload the proper code from Downloads and it should update easily.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for letting us know about the problem.

Oh geez, that old guys at it again, yellin’ at that poor McGowan kid to stop playing football in the street …

Edit: The post to which I was referring was removed in it’s entirety, so much for an attempt at humor …

Thanks for the quick response and killing the software bug.


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Hahahaaaa! Good stuff!

Yeah, Puff the Magic Dragon puffed it into oblivion. It was a straight forward question. That’s twice in recent times where iffy software updates have escaped their new rigorous QC protocols. Thankfully for @waymanchen11 it wasn’t a DOA P12, just a bad software posted to the PS website. They sorted it out quickly.

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Hi all,

I know on some of the older PS Audio equipment, the SD card is inserted “upside-down”; is that the case for the P12?
Thanks for your time.

Hi all,
Never mind…I found the answer in the “Resources” section.

…'It helps to apply oneself"… LOL

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And for those like me that can be a little lazy and just want the answer now, it’s pins down.

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Hi all,
I just tried to update my P12 with the memory card that came with the unit.
It didn’t take it.
I powered down the P12 with the switch in the rear.
Inserted the memory card pins down.
Turned the unit on, it initialized then turned off.
I turned the unit on with the remote, checked the firmware, it didn’t take the new firmware.
I made sure after I downloaded the update; that I extracted the files.
I double checked the lock on the memory card; it’s unlocked.
Not sure what to try now

Did you try the new files that were posted yesterday?

Hi James,
I just did another full format of the SD card; then pulled another download.
I extracted the files to my desktop;
What I see is 1 “loader” file and 6 “hex” files.
I’ll try it again later this evening.
Thanks for your help

Great, that should do it. Keep me posted.

I’ll drag them to the SD card from the desktop.
The first attempt: What I saw when I opened the SD card from my computer was a file icon, the “loader” file and “hex” files were as Subfiles.
That may have been the problem.

Hi James,
My P12 took the firmware update; it’s good to go now.
Thanks again!


Saw that there is another download for P12 available , Version 2.11. What is the difference between 2.10 versus 2.11???


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Really? We were told by the Director of Engineering a while ago that under their new software protocols every update would have a release note.

P12 Rev 2.11 update has typo when using web configuration feature. Here is what I found.
Untitled|521x500. PSA has been informed.

Terrence you were spot on. I figured out the quirky interface after the renames did not work as expected, and then saw your post labeling the ports. Thank you!