PPP blew fuses in amp


I have just bought a 2nd hand PPP. The guy who sold it to me, showed me a little screw underneath the cabinet, which he used to calibrate the output voltage.

I have used this screw to adjust the PPP as I came home. From I think 232V to 230V.

Yesterday I switched the power of in my house. The stereo system was switched on – I forgot about it. When I switched on the power again in the house, all the fuses blew, in my power amp, CD player and my electrostatic speakers. The PPP however was not effected – it still works.

Have I in anyway put the PPP out of adjustment, by using the little screw…??

Regards Claus

I don’t know what you’ve done but generally we advise leaving the little screw alone - but that was its purpose, for a factory adjust for the voltage. This should not be set without aid of a voltmeter to check things. Often times the internal metering system isn’t that accurate.

My guess is that you’re ok, and just had weak fuses not used to real steady state regulated voltage that the PPP outputs.