Yesterday, the PPP said “click” and stopped (regenerating?). Had this happening perhaps 2 years ago. Then a new unit was placed and things went fine. Anyway a month or two ago I upgraded my DAC to DSD: perfect sound that was really a step forward. After a week or two I thought the sound was not improving, instead it seems tame, veiled. Strange… perhaps it needed more burn in. Roll on to yesterday. After the PPP stopped working. I re-connected everything but the PPP to the mains… HUGE improvement, never sounded so good…! Soundstage, bass wooow. Perhaps the PPP needs retirement.

A single click is not a sign of a problem. This only means the unit switched to current directly out of the wall for a moment, probably because of a brief high demand. However, if it repeatedly clicks the internal regenerator may have a problem.

What is the THD of the incoming AC and of the output? The output THD should be roughly 1/10 of the input; e.g., if the input is 3%, the output should be around 0.3%.

Hello Elk, Thank you for your reaction. Perhaps I was not clear enough… after the click it just stopped working completely; when turning it on again it only showed some blue lines ending with another shutdown. There was no music playing during the first shut down. Power amp was off, preamp standby PWT and DAC in standby too. I repeated to start up a few times then I decided to take the PPP out of the chain, Then I tested my system without the PPP and I was immediately and still am really impressed with the fresh new sound and especially the soundstage of my system. I will take the PPP to my dealer to have it checked, maybe it will return after a thourough check up and repair job, but then it should improve the current sound quality even more… :wink:

Eeek. This sounds like a serious failure.

Perhaps after 7 years on duty, it needs some pampering? Anyway I will have it checked and in the mean time enjoy the DSDAC to the full.

Sounds like the broken PPP was sending a lot of noise back into the circuit. Nasty. Let us know what happens.

Possibly the regeneration was’t properly working already, which could have been a first signal there was something wrong. I was just scratching my head, instead of checking the PPP screen indication at that stage. Did not ever serously checked THD in and out I must admit… At this point I have the best sound ever; getting power from a generic powerblock plugged in.

Just a thought … I have a P500 which is the previous generation regenerator, and several years ago something didn’t seem right. While diagnosing I noticed the output voltage was down 10-20%, I don’t recall the exact amount, and the diagnosis from PS Audio was a new capacitor bank. In my case, same as yours, removing the P500 resulted in a significant improvement. Well, reduced voltage will do that! My recollection is that was a problem after several years of use with this model and maybe others. In your case it’s possible that the capacitor bank was degrading and finally a capacitor failed causing your failure.

Thank you for your remarks. I will to go to my dealer soon, as I have a Michell turntable cover on order. At that moment I will bring in my PPP and discuss the options.

If it’ll cost me an arm and a leg, I may decide to carry on as it is.

After some serious checking by the dealer/importer my PPP is officially declared deceased. The regenerator failed and now I will take the time to decide the next step. A p5, a p10? Probably a big step up soundwise, but I was dreaming about a BHK 250. Having the funds to buy a P5; need to save up for a p10 or BHK 250… What to do? I know with a proper regeneration unit the current soundstage will definitely improve, however what will be the effect of replacing my power amp for a BHK? System for now: PWT, DSD, Krell 222, poweramp Aragon 8008, speakers VA The Kiss.

Biggest bang for the buck in an immediate sense is the BHK. Go for it and then when you can, add the P10 back into the mix for that list bit of magic.

Hi Paul, Thank you for your advise. I am not in a position to do comparisons with many amps - and the BHK amp seemed the most logical upgrade in my system. Good to hear your reaction. I’ll save up a bit and will go for it.