Preventing SGCD Pops when switching to HT Input

I really do not like my speakers (Dunlavy III.A) to get any sort of DC offset as I can’t risk losing a driver plus it is quite annoying. Now with my Anthem amp, this had not been an issue due to its turn-on delay; however, my new M700’s are a different story. The level of “thump” can be significant. Now my SCGD is only two months old, so if there was a “fix” I thought I would have it which appears not to be the case.

If you are using a Harmony Remote system as I am, there is a work-around I have come up with. The key is to have the SCGD muted whenever the input is changed to HT. Now that sounds simple but you have to not use Harmony’s Device Input selection to do this as it will not let you place a Mute command in front of that. I did the following steps in its Activities Wizard:

  1. When adding the SCGD specify DO NOT CHANGE INPUT for the Input selection.

  2. After completing the Activity, select Add Steps

  3. Enter Remote Commands for SCGD Mute, HT, Mute. I also added a 1sec delay before the last Mute. See screenshot.

The result is no more transients when switching into HT. Hope this is helpful though it really should not be necessary.