Problem with Stellar GCD

I was listening to music last night when I heard a loud pop & the sound became harsh and grainy. When I turned the volume down, the there’s a fairly loud hiss in the right channel. Tried listening with headphones, with headphones, I get nothing at all from the right channel which would seem to indicate the problem is with the SGC, not my M700 amps. Any attempt to power up again results in another loud pop. If anyone else has experienced this and found a solution I’d appreciate your feedback. I did email customer service last night and received a response this morning with several questions, which I promptly answered by email but haven’t received a reply, which I assume won’t come until Monday at the earliest now.


I have SGCD/M700. Do not this problem.
Look like your unit might be sick.
Just curious, the pop/hissing is from digital input only or analog input also shows same thing?

That sure doesn’t sound right. I wonder if it’s something with the input stage if both the analog outputs and headphone out is acting up. Like Terrence, I’m curious which input you’re using. Or doesn’t it happen regardless the input?

Thanks, Terrence and James, yes I get the right channel noise on all inputs, it’s louder on HT bypass. Also get a pop with every step increase of the volume, again only in the right channel, and another at shutdown.

That definitely makes me think something in the input stage. Get ahold of our service team tomorrow and they’ll be able to help you out.