Stellar S300 popping

Hello everyone. I just purchased 2 Stellar s300’s for my surround and rear Martin Logan channels. The manual says that a pop can happen when powering up the amps but won’t damage the speakers. I get the pop but it also frequently occurs when I start or finish a movie or cd. Seems to only occur on one channel. Anyone else having this issue? They sound amazing during playback but the popping is very annoying during any transition period.

Welcome Keiffer! If you’re getting popping at the end of a movie or CD, that makes me think something is happening up stream. My first inclination would be to check your source and DAC. This is pretty easy to test though. If you swap the inputs into the amp left into right and vice versa, and the pop goes to the other side, this would tell you it’s happening up stream.

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Thank You. I spent the morning switching the XLR cables and the speaker cables as well. So. It is not an amp nor a cable issue. The pop always stayed with the source channel which is the rear surround. I have the Emotiva RMC-1L processor so itis the one with the issue. Tried rebooting it. Still a pop when switching inputs or when the format changes from say Dolby to dts. Not horrible but annoying. I will contact Emotiva. Thank You.

Thanks for keeping us posted. The folks over at Emotiva a great and will help you out. We’re really great friends with them!

Thanks so much!!!

I have an open case with them. I was reading that it could be a transistor or capacitor but that’s out of my league. Maybe there’s a setting that can reduce or eliminate the pop.
Seems to also occur moving from app to app on my Apple TV or switching between movies.

At least I found the issue source and thank you for your prompt responses. I am enjoying the Stella s300 and the BHK 300 in my home theater and use the BHK for 2 channel listening.

Stay safe!!!

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Good Morning. The pop went away after powering off/on the Emotiva RMC-1L. Emotiva is supposed to have a firmware update pretty soon as well.


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