Stellar GCD Issue - Can anyone help?


I think my Stellar might have but the dust and need replacing but before i consign it to history, and have to spend money I don’t want to on something new I thought I’d better check here first! It is just shy of four and half years old and so out of warranty.

Basically after an hour or so of use it should off volume, makes a clicking noise (sounds like a relay constantly opening and closing) ans the display goes all funny (some days blurry, today the blue and black of the display reversed so the volume was in black and the background blue.

After being physically unplugged for five minutes it resets and works again but this seems to happen every day I use it after an hours play.

Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received.

Assuming you are in North America I’d suggest an email followed up by a telephone call to PSA’s technical support (Help Desk). They may be able to get you up and running. Good Luck!
phone: 1-800-PSAudio outside USA 1-720-406-8946

Or use this form as an alternative.

PSA Help Desk Contact Form

I repeat a follow-up phone call is highly recommended.

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My guess is a heat related power supply issue.

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Unfortunately the other side of the Atlantic in Ireland with the service guy in the uk which adds all kinds of brexshit related shipping issues.

I’ll drop them an e-mail, see what they say.

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I agree is sounds like a power supply issue. If it’s not under warranty, one non-invasive technique you can try if you are comfortable with removing the top is to get a can of freeze spray. The power supply components are on the front edge of the circuit board. When acting up you could spray the voltage regulators (the vertical parts with metal heat sinks) one at a time to see whether cooling one restores normal operation. If that’s the case then any competent local tech could easily replace the part as they are not unique to PS Audio.

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