Problems in Playing songs from USB using DMP

I am of late spending quite a bit time in listening to music using the USB in DMP.

Though the music reproduction is one of its own class there are some operational issues -

  1. It takes huge amount of time for DMP to read it initially (more than 5 minutes sometimes).

  2. Sometimes even after reading the same it does not play the song for some unknown reason. One has to take out the USB and stick it back again. And that again takes time to reload.

  3. It does not display the name of the songs properly beyond 47th file. It just repeats the same song.

  4. The track number does not go beyond 99.

Is PS Audio working on solving these issues ?

As DMP does not have any App based interface to interact with DMP, the issue # 3 and issue #4 almost makes this feature un-useful. As one cannot see any difference in song titles beyond track #47, one becomes clueless in navigating the song list.


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What firmware are you running on your DMP?

3.14 - the latest one

Sorry - never thought of it as a USB source, as it sounded not as good as Disc.

Have you tried reverting back to prior firmware, then re-updated back to 3.14?

Actually, Mark, it does. There’s a front panel USB port you can play from by inserting a memory stick.

I use USB on the DMP sometimes as I have a lot of DSD files, it reads fairly quickly
but I keep the USB mostly 16G, 32G max. It’s not the quickest to navigate but
not 5 minutes. I buy metal case Kingston drives.

Duh - yup! ; )

Easy to miss!

I even went, “Wait - that doesn’t have USB in!” And went around and looked at the back :blush:

Been a year or two since I used it (the USB input, I mean).

@badbeef Mark, the problem with that USB port is that DMP only plays from the same but also plays the songs in remarkably good way.

Last 2-3 days I am hooked into that.

Not comparing with CD/SASD/DSD etc.

I am playing MP3 songs. And comparing it with the way those songs sound when I play them either following ways -

  1. Stciked into MacMini, exposed as a music folder to Roon Core running on the same MacMIni, over ethernet to DS Sr
  2. Same above but using USB
  3. Stored in Naim Uniti Core server. Played using Roon with DSD Sr over ethernet
  4. Same above but using USB

Playing the songs in USB through DMP beats all 4 of above. Much more engaging and musicality even from not so great old recordings.

However, as I start using it more all operation problems pop up those I mentioned in my original post.


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