Prog Rock fans

That was my favorite upon an initial listen as well. Need to revisit it.

You may enjoy this, a bit out there in comparison, but worth a listen IME:

Fire Orchestra - Arrival

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Profondo Rosss has been in heavy rotation for years. Still haven’t tired of it, but I overlooked Simonetti’s Goblin doing Demoni. Love those remixes, too. I place it over Suspiria.

That is just too funny

Starting the week with an Oldie

Getting enough 20 minute prog fusion in your diet?


Back from a long and succesful week of racing at Daytona. Need some music time as adrenaline drops…

Hopefully with a couple trophies and no damage!

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4 trophies and no damage!


Well done!

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Tis a workin Saturday - Saturdays are triple-screen concert video day.
(Mystery - Caught in the Whirlwind of Time - a great bluray concert!)


Great setup.

What’s today’s project?

Fit the flashy flashy woop woop, video, radios, prisoner cage and that nifty license plate reader.
Our guys like their cruisers to be ‘one light shy of an epileptic seizure’… :crazy_face:

And yes, those are Quad ESLs hanging from the rafters… :sunglasses: