PS 10 Mark 2 - UK version

Came across a PS 10 Mk 2 on a UK dealer website recently.
Never heard of a Mk 2 version for this product.
It had 10 output sockets instead of the original’s 9.
Price was very close, but slightly less, than the P15.
I couldn’t find any info on this so be interested to hear from PS Audio on,what the differences are and when it was introduced … and why the price is half as much again as the original P10 price.

can you post the link?

Here’s the link :-

The photo does not show UK sockets. It’s not the UK version (and I’m unaware of a Mk II).

Just checked again, when I saw the 3 holes for each socket I assumed UK but I think they are Schuko, which is the European standard.
I’d still be interested to know what the improvements are over the Mark 1 version?
Never heard of a Mark 2 version, until this one.

Not sure what you are seeing, but the image I saw was the US/Canada version, i.e., 120 VAC. As danofesherintheuk said, no Mk II version. Quite honestly if you can get a P15 for a “little” more I would do that, it’s a better unit. I’m presuming the unit for sale is a demo since it is on display.

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The original P10 in the UK was £5K, which I bought and still have.
The listing states Mark 2 and is priced at £7.5K, a substantial increase.
Something’s changed?
Would be great if someone from PS Audio could chime in here to clear up the confusion?

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That’s a US model with 120v receptacles.

I do not remember a Mark II P10 other than a software change. I believe the P10 hardware is the same as it has always been. The P10 became the P15 and that was certainly a big hardware change.

Dave Brook of MCRU is a genuinely nice guy and the only specialist dealer of mains products and cables in the UK, also makes excellent cables and distributes Longdog power supplies. I would have no qualms at all about doing business with him, which I have many times, and he is also a PS Audio main dealer. If you have an issues, just give him a ring.

Yes, I know Dave and have purchased items from him over the years.
Came across this item when browsing his website.
If this is a US version, why’s he advertising it and claiming it’s a mark 2 with inflated price?
Looks like Paul has confirmed there’s no such thing.
As a main PS Audio dealer he should know what’s he’s selling.