Change in P10 specs


I have purchased a second hand P10 GR model.

This P10 appears to be different to the models I have seen online:

The shuko outlets do not have a blue ring, instead they look like the ones in the manual: black and square. However, what is strange is that the power rating on the back says 6.5A 1200VA total max which appears to contradict the specs quoted in the manual and the web site.

Can you tell me if there different p10 models and what their specs are/were, please.



I won’t answer on behalf of PS Audio, but just keep in mind that rendered marketing pictures on the web doesn’t necessarily represent the final product in intimate detail.

I wonder if somehow at the factory a 1200VA sticker for a US/JP model was inadvertently put on a 1500VA GR chassis.

Check your serial number with PS Audio customer service, I’m sure they’ll quickly clear up the issue.

My best guess on this is that the label printer mis-printed the label for that unit. There are not multiple versions of P10. They all have the same output specifications, and the Manual numbers are correct.

Funny as I have a few P10 s and one of them has a few rf jacks on the back I think 4 of them good plated ones. My P5 seem to be all the same though.