PS Audio AirLens

Thanks, Paul! Any update on price? As I recall, you had estimated about 2K a while back.

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Will it help if Roon subscribers here contact them and ask them to speedup certification?

I would be surprised if that were successful.

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I don’t know much about them and don’t subscribe. Just a thought.

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The odds of this being successful are the same odds of me being 25 years old again.


That is terrific news. It’s been a long long time coming
Hopefully, I am still on the beta test list.

My ceiling lights system was Roon Ready certified in 6 months. Proof that miracles happen.

Perhaps that’s because they were a younger company with less to do.

Last I heard it was still $2K.


To the contrary, they brought onboard as a consultant someone with a lot of Roon implementation experience (the technical director of Naim).

My point being wasn’t the certification of those lights several years ago?

No, middle of last year. They released the product and then did Roon Ready certification later as an update. Unlike PSA, they had to do all the software from scratch and their own app for sound and light. The advantage was being able to implement things like Amazon HD, which I see is also on the EverSolo streamer/DAC. Poor old Roon and Innuos, with their older operating systems, can’t.

I thought that one of the advantages of Roon ( which I have NO experience with ) is that they can always update the software to keep it current.

Roon do lots of updates.

Some manufacturers have added Roon Ready as a software upgrade after the product is released. Devialet did this in 2019 with their Pro range, two years after the streaming card on which it is runs had been upgraded. So it took some time to do. Obviously the hardware and firmware must be able to accommodate it.

It’s a matter of priorities. The Roon user base doesn’t seem too interested in Amazon music. External access to Roon via Arc was their priority. I personally don’t use Arc, but that’s their discision.

Are there any updates about the Airlens to talk about?

Last we heard was July due to getting Roon certified

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Counting down and we’re at 15 today…
Of course Uncle Paul may jump in before July 1st with some great news or announcements or a YT!
Or will he be waiting on July 4th?


Sadly not. We’re still waiting on Roon. :frowning:


That’s interesting as this is directly from the Conversdigital website concerning all three of their hardware modules.

“DLNA 1.5 & UPnP AV 1.0 •Apple’s Official AirPlay •ROON Ready •Spotify Connect”