PS Audio AirLens

Hot swappable everything? Good for telecoms :slight_smile:

Alexa is fine until it starts giving unsolicited advice.

We were going out on Saturday afternoon and Alexa advised that there was a 53% chance of rain. All Brits know that the chance of rain is between 47-53% pretty much every day of the year.


For the people who’ve never heard of Telex, it is indeed telecoms. Telex was one step up from Morse code.

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Yes, I don’t see many companies proudly advertising their telex address as well as their phone any more…

A lot of the business was in Africa. They relied on telex. The largest client was Mercedes. About 10 years later I briefly did some work with a guy who set up one of the first cellular networks in Africa, in the mid 1990s. He was high up in ZANU-PF. I did a risk assessment and walked away. Some years later I heard he had to make a rapid departure because he was alleged to have been more than friendly with Grace Mugabe and her husband was not best pleased.

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“Alexa, get me the paper and my slippers” never works. But then you don’t have to feed Alexa Pedigree Chum.

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A lot of the comms in various African countries are still pretty poor, last time I had to spec anything for their tea plantations - yogurt pots and string (this was 2018/19).

One less than…

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Well if you see below

I did not say it was a computer. But your ramblings were enjoyable. Also note is said firmware is not OS. The Nucleus which is what we are talking about is an Intel based PC at its base.

Do the processors run an OS. Something that runs an OS is a computer. The OS is what makes it an appliance. A one task computer.

I’m sure you will have some snippy comeback but please do not quote me wrong

Steven get in the last word really.


He is my life coach.

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My original reply to Paul was poorly stated.

I should have described how Roon Optimized Core Kit. on a NUC is not running on top of another OS.

R.O.C.K. is the OS and no other OS nor apps can be installed.

I’ve been using R.O.C.K. / NUC since Roon released it and have never looked back.

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Didn’t Paul have a computer dog at one time? I suspect the novelty wore off pretty quick.

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Got rid of it because it kept dropping batteries on the carpet :slightly_smiling_face:


When is the Airlens going to be shipped?

You are asking the million dollar question. Lol

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Wondering if the power supply improvements will cause another delay.

Canadian dealer told me October.

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They are in production now, though we are still waiting on Roon certification. Sigh. Without that certification we’re not going to ship. That is because if they don’t certify the Lens then it won’t show up as a usable device on Roon.