PS Audio Company has a new owner

It’s official, today April 1, 2024, Mr. Al Angen is the new owner of PS Audio. He has just acquired 51% of the company for a presumed sum of 1,2 billion dollars.

Paul McGowan said: “We are proud and excited, the new capital injection will provide us with the financial capacity to develop a new product line, in fact we are planning to enter the fuse market”

To celebrate the event Octave Records announced a reissue of the Album “Breakfast in America”.


All hail the new Chief!


And a free PSA component of our choice, while supplies last


I can retire! Thanks, Al, let me know what my new hours are.


aaand will be renamed to SPA audio :bathtub:


A free bunny poop pellet with every purchase.


Madison’s own TV Lenny, a side gig for Al from the 80’s to 2000’s.

It must be true as I just purchased his Gryphon/Grimm/TechDas/Vivid gear at an insane liquidators price. I told him to keep the Stealth.


…and you get a free bicycle! Loved Crazy TV Lennie. A Madison institution. Thanks for the memory.


In the NYC area these were the best…

I rewrote the lyrics to that tune when they were around. Mine started with “Let’s all go take a wiz…” :joy: Ah, memories.

I’ve already been waiting patiently for 6 hours. When will the new line of fuses finally be released?


Well done sir! Excellent sleuth reporting! Now when is Al going public? It’s time I finally became part of an IPO frenzy!

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Hop to it, Al!

Will it be a carrot or a stick for us?!

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Whispers in the studio hallways that a reunion tour by the band will start the Summer of 2024 to promote the re-issue.
Stay tuned! :wink:

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Luca, you win the internet today!!


When pressed for comment by an intrepid reporter, Jessicaw Raw-Bit Cars-Ten was apparently quoted as saying,
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”.
“Please, I’m busy producing a Super re-issue album!”.
“Leave me alone, you newsy Tramp!”.
“Next thing you know you’ll want kippers for breakfast?!?”

Intrepid Reporter:


Being water sports oriented the ad that comes to mind is water skiing on mattresses, what a world.


Hey Paul… Maybe @luca.pelliccioli just stumbled across the missing, fabled, 1 %?

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Somebody stop me…

When asked about future plans for the influx of the money, Current PS RawDio CEO, Saul MackGrowinUp has outlined his high-level plans…

“Fuses is just phase one. Phase two is fuse boxes, of course”
“And phase three is, well, we’re gonna buy the Cheyenne Mountain Complex from Norad and use our fuses and fuse boxes to power the apartment/listening rooms for all of our customers that we’re gonna convert the place to.”
“Fully furnished and fully equipped audiophile pads for your listening pleasure.”
“Octoginta Radio will be piped in the common areas, 24 hours a day!”
“It will be audio heaven right here on earth!”
“Significant others, optional.”

“And, oh yeah, were gonna make a new speaker series too”
“The FRW series - Fluid Resistant Wet series. They be waterproof!. This way you can still listen to great music even while you’re in the shower!”

Don’t believe any of this? Better call Saul!

I thought they were buying a snake farm in the swamps of the SE, and milking it for snake oil!