PS Audio Connect Functionality

I would like to control my Stella with an iPhone app. It appears the PS Audio connect app only allow control of streaming the content, not controlling the actual STRATA device (i.e. input selection, volume control). This should be quite easy to add. Any plans for this? I can see there will be low demand. If not, are there other ways to control the STRATA with an App?

Not possible. The network connection hits a digital streaming module and the strata “input” to that module is input 9. The only thing the network connection talks to is the digital streaming module. As far as I know the digital streaming module has no way to control the Strata functions.

I suppose if it comes with a regular remote, one way is to get a Harmony Hub and use the Harmony Control App.

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This does work but I already had the HUB. Note that Logi / Harmony have discontinued all remotes so I wouldn’t consider this a forever solution. Also, the iOS app is kind of “meh” honestly. But keeping 1 remote on the table is nice.

Sadly no way to control it through an app on your phone. The network Bridge is just for streaming and not to control the unit.

Thanks all. I’ll look into the Harmony Hub option.