Strata digital input question

I’m using Stellar Strata and PS Connect with Tidal over WiFi. The problem is that Tidal won’t streams directly to the Strata so music has to be downloaded into Tidal and then picked up by PSConnect to play. Tidal also has mixes and radio stations that I would like to listen to but those don’t make it over to PS Connect. I’m trying to figure a work around?

You shouldn’t need to download the files before you stream them. That kind of defeats the purpose of streaming. I’ve struggled to find artist’s radio as well. There seem to be playlist’s but not an option to play that artist’s radio like you can with the native app. At least not that I’ve found.

Not sure if this makes sense, but could I connect my iPad through USB and play directly from Tidal into the Strata?

Mildly related… Is there a chance Tidal Connect would fit on the streaming hardware? This would “fix” a lot of “issues”.

Some have had luck with this but I never guarantee it will work. You need the Apple camera kit in order to make it work.