Strata and PS Connect App problems and alternative

For Strata owners that have struggled with the PS Connect app after Apple’s recent IOS update, use the Muzo Player instead. I had erroneously referred to it as the Muzio Player, which does exist but sucks. The Muzo Player is fine.

Available as both Apple and Google app.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Do you recommend Muzo over the iEAST play app?

When I tried Muzio and it didn’t work - I down loaded the iEAST and it works. Should I change to Muzo?


Yeah, Muzio doesn’t work. My bad. I can’t spell. Muzo is the original app PS Connect is based upon. I have never tried iEast. Maybe I’ll have a look.

I haven’t tried the iEast player either, but Muzo has been working wonderfully! Big thanks for the recommendation Paul