Strata and PS Connect App problems and alternative

For Strata owners that have struggled with the PS Connect app after Apple’s recent IOS update, use the Muzo Player instead. I had erroneously referred to it as the Muzio Player, which does exist but sucks. The Muzo Player is fine.

Available as both Apple and Google app.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Do you recommend Muzo over the iEAST play app?

When I tried Muzio and it didn’t work - I down loaded the iEAST and it works. Should I change to Muzo?


Yeah, Muzio doesn’t work. My bad. I can’t spell. Muzo is the original app PS Connect is based upon. I have never tried iEast. Maybe I’ll have a look.

I haven’t tried the iEast player either, but Muzo has been working wonderfully! Big thanks for the recommendation Paul

I just got my strata today and am running iOS 13.7. I can’t download the ps audio app and hope someone is working on this issue. I didn’t buy a $3000 thing thinking I would have to figure out a work around or hacks.
I am hoping for an elegant solution please.


Have you tried Muzo as recommended in this thread?


Unfortunately, Apple issues updates with little if any warning and often breaks things in the process.

Elk is correct, give Muzo a shot. Works really smoothly with the Strata. Our team is working to get the PS App back up and rolling, but I guess it’s a very slow process.

I have downloaded MUZO and am excited to try it. But, I have a netgear Orbi system and have to connect the strata via WiFi. It can’t seem to find any (or too many?) networks. I live in Brooklyn and i think there are something like 20 networks “available”. Instead of finding any of these networks it searches, forever.
Any ideas?

if you are on IIOS 14 make sure the Muzo app has permissions to access the network

I did the old turn it off turn it on trick. That worked.

Nice. Ol’ Reliable right there!


Very interesting findings on my end… currently demoing the Robin Hood cables (and AQ Thunder power) with Strata.

Audirvana sounds different between my Mac and Win laptops…

Audirvana on Win matches SQ closely with the MUZO app while Mac is muffled in comparison… no upsampling on anything. Strange…night and day.

Texture is way higher with MUZO and Win +

Wow, no kidding. Audirvana should ideally be bypassing any signal processing on the output of the computer. Surprising it would make this big of a difference.

How long is the Robin Hood burn in?

They started closed in with low bass and they’ve opened up a lot with bass and harmonics across the board.

Maybe I’m just getting used to them ?

If I’m not mistaken, AQ recommends about 150 hrs on those puppies.

I think this is a big part as well. It begs the question how much of break-in is the gear and how much is the listener? I think the ratio is different for different gear, but both are very relevant.

There are absolutely two distinct signatures between Audirvana Mac and PS Connect.

Now that I have the AQ thunder and AQ Robin Hood… A+ on Mac is muffled and sounds like a blanket is over the speakers. PS connect is much better and sounds natural and just right :slight_smile: The magnitude would be enough to send the Robin Hood’s back if I didn’t find this out.

I wonder if the bridge using DLNA has more noise? Is it Audirvana or the path in the bridge being different?

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Thanks for everyone’s patience waiting for the PS Connect app to be live for Apple devices. It is now approved by Apple and is live! You can download it here.


Using it now, working fine.


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Hi - I’m considering a purchase of the Stellar Strata. :slight_smile:

I’m curious if there are any recommended blogs or videos with an overview of the PS Connect app / MUZO Player app to learn how they work with the Strata. Mostly I play CDs and stream Jazz & Classical internet radio stations ( using links that Apple MacOS QuickTime player understands ). I want to learn about the features & functions of these apps.

Thanks for any info!


This video might be at least a little helpful.
Goes through a few of the functionalities.
It is a very intuitive app to use. Let’s you navigate Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz really easily. Then when you want to pop on some radio, the TunIn option works really well and syncs up with local radio stations and other popular readio stations.