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Very elegant, but I can’t say I’m overly pleased with my first look at Copper. I start reading Frank’s introductory comments and find they’re too long to fit on screen, but it when I try to scroll down, it’s only the article shortcuts that move. The written content won’t budge until I’ve scrolled all the way through the artical shortcuts. If I were there to look for a specific article that would be fine, but for people like me who want to read the whole thing start to finish, it’s pretty annoying.

I just discovered that I can increase the font size for this Forum. Happy old eyes :slight_smile:

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We’re working on changing the scrolling behavior. I am with you on it being annoying.


Help. Where Can I change the fonts size? I need bigger size to read. Thanks.

If using Windows 10, go to “Settings-Display” to adjust Text size!

On my 24" A-I-O, the new website interface looks just fine and works very well…nice clean look (but response text could be a little darker)!!


While in he Forum, I clicked on my Icon photo (top right) then the preferences icon, then preferences again and then interface.

Alternatively, on a Mac, in Safari, you can increase the font size for the entire website. While in PSAm Click on Safari (upper left) then settings for This Website.


Thanks for posting this tip!

I see it’s fixed now. Thanks so much, @Paul !

One suggestion: I’m a 70 y/o old fart, who’s short term memory was compromised by peritonitis back in 2005 (so bad that all 10 doctors said I should be dead (PPPPFFFFFTTTT!!!)). It would help me, and I’m sure many others, to keep the Topic header at the top of the page, always visible. I’ve lost track of how many times I have spent 10+ minutes reading through the comments, forgot what the topic was, scrolled to the top, then TRY, TRY, TRY to find where the heck I was on the page. Dang, I can’t even remember what topic/catagory this is in!!!

Old age sucks, but it beats the alternative


Noticing some randomness this am with the “when this post was posted” times in the upper right of each post.

You’re welcome Craig. Slowly but surely we’ll get it all fixed and adjusted. Thanks for your help, guidance and in particular your patience.

Regarding the new site not displaying the current topic in view… I just noticed that (at least in Firefox) my browser tab does display the thread topic in the tab description, its at least a way to know where you are until a fix is made.


But does not Firefox display the URL at the top, which includes the thread name?

As an aside, I checked the other forums of which I am a member. None display the thread name once you scroll past the first page of a thread.

Ha, indeed it does.

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Thanks. To be clear, the forums have not changed with the new website at all, save for the new menu for PS.

Paul, did you do the photography on the new site?

Also, agree seeing the original topic as a header would be helpful.

Nobody will convince me the guillotine drop that cuts off half the page with nigh on every movement of the mouse is an improvement over what went before. This element constantly does my frigging head in…


@Dirk put it rather more colourfully than me.

This is what gets me. It happens all the time.

What’s the point of have two images with embedded links when in the HiFi Family page there are 10 links? So the 10 links are in a poor typeface, closely packed, and the drop-down becomes far too long.

Why is so much of the page taken up by “Suggested topics”? Why are 5 topics being suggested, 3 of which I’ve never clicked on once?

So on this screenshot the content of the page I’m actually looking at (this one) is completely missing. The screen is filled with stuff I don’t want to see.

Copper is a magazine every couple of weeks. I assume I am like most people who read magazines, I want an index at the front on one page and I normally want to read the articles by one or two favourites, usually Anne first.

If I click on the current issue I don’t get access to an index, or at least I’ve not found one, I get huge images, a title, a few words, but no mention of the author. I have to scroll down several pages to run through all the content.

I can’t see a function to search previous issues and I wouldn’t want to do that anyway.

You cannot see what I am referring to ? Good god !!! With every movement of the mouseover – [ Products – Support - The Hi-Fi Family] “Half the page disappears” so, when loading album art on the spinning thread, one has to navigate around the periphery as not to active the guillotine drop. Why not revert back to clicking on said headings. There wasn’t anything wrong before so why make it worse ?

Your improved website is worse than the old site which was a breeze to use.


The Suggested Topics are the same as before, generated by the forum’s software. This feature has been around “forever.”

To avoid the drop down, keep your mouse cursor below the ribbon or stay to the left or right of the page.

The links displayed after clicking on “The Hi-Fi Family” are all clear and easy to read for me. If they are “poor typeface, closely packed” I suspect this is a difference in browser display. On what device and browser are you viewing the form and website?