PS Audio IR code overlap

Came home from work today to find out my BHK Pre amp was on. I know for a fact it was turn off in the morning. This had happened to me before when I can turn on (or off) PS Audio components, P15 included (which shut down my entire system), not just the BHK Pre, with some combination of key from my LG TV remote control.

Why can’t PSA pick a unique set of IR code for their products??? so frustrating.

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I think the issue is with LG. and not PSA.

LG has similar problems with other manufacturers.

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Even if LG is using IR codes that have been assigned to PS Audio, why doesn’t PS Audio just get some new codes that aren’t in use and go with those to avoid the overlap? Is it that IR codes in existing products cannot be updated? Is it a cost issue with getting new codes assigned to PS Audio?

I have seen this issue come up multiple times and I have it myself with my P12 that sits beneath my LG TV. LG is way larger than PS Audio and it is highly unlikely that they will ever change the IR codes they are using to get rid of the issue.

AFAIK there is a limited number of protocols which, in turn, provide a limited number of codes. You should not want to design your own protocol, to keep things simple. I have suffered from it also, as my dcs clock responded to my preamp remote. Suddenly, the sound sttutered, because the clock lost its default rate.

I think the best would be for you to try an universal remote (like Logitech Harmony). LG is known for programming a lot of codes in each remote, to reduce production costs (the same remote controls several devices, not only the one you bought).

This way, when you set the LG codes on the Logitech, it will fire only the specific code to your TV set, and there is a chance that the BHK (and the P15) will not respond to the universal.

As a last resort, you can always swap the LG set… (your audio gear is much more important)

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I also have the opposite problem where my P12 remote is triggering menu functions on my LG TV, and I assume that PS Audio is not sending multiple codes for one button press, so using a universal remote would not solve this issue.

In your case, I agree with you.

FWIW, I also have a LG TV, and no problem with PSAudio (P20 and DSD) codes

My SGCD does the same thing…LOL I have an LG Plasma TV (circa 2013). When press “Enter” on my LG remote, it mutes my SGCD When I change channels, it turns off my entire Stellar Stack.

I wish the issue were as simple as that. The problem is we’re following code protocols and they are not. Now, that sounds like “well, LG’s bigger than you so get over it and change” but if only it were that easy. The biggest part of the problem is compatibility.
Our remotes and customers go back years. If we were to change the codes (to what we’re not sure) then newer products would no longer be compatible with PS products. Yes, we could supply new remotes and perhaps that’s what we’ll do, but it’s not a problem high
on our radar since it only affects a few dozen people and it’s a lot to ask to disrupt a few thousand customers to fix the problem of a few.

I wish there were a simpler solution.


Just an idea: maybe you could embed a second remote chip. This second chip could be programmed with a different code (maybe a non-orthodox rc5 device code, such as 29 - lightning). An internal jumper could switch between the chips. Then you would publish the “compatibility” chip hex codes, for those who use universal, and provide compatibility remotes on demand.

In my non engeneering mind, it would add a few cents worth of costs, would not put anything in the signal path (therefore not detrimental to SQ) and could help solve situations like these.

I found exactly the same with my P10s. My LG and Oppo remotes cause all sorts of problems.

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I have the same issue with mi Vizio PQ-65F1, if I press the Vizio’s remote (or Fire TV Stick remote) Volume Up, it turns-off my PS Audio Power Plant 10 (P10) and my whole system goes down, including the TV.

Fortunately the P10 IR sensor is not very ‘wide range’ so pointing the remotes up, the Vizio can still pick up the IT commands, but the P10 remains on.

Very annoying indeed.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but does anyone know if this issue applies to the Sprout 100? I recently got a BHK preamp for my bedroom system that conflicts with my Vizio TV, very annoying, so I’m going to swap TVs with the TCL in my sunroom. I also want to buy a Sprout 100 for the sunroom, but if it uses the same remote code as the BHK I’m obviously going to have the same problem, so unfortunately it’s a deal breaker for me.

Welcome @eugene81 !

@Elk Thank you!

I’ve not had any overlap issues with my Sprout100 and LG and Visio TV’s. My SGCD is plagued by them. I’ve managed to eliminate a few my doing a reset on the SGCD remote, but some still remain. I have no other issues with any other electronics overlapping, just the SGCD.

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